Office Christmas Party Ideas That Bring Festive Cheer On A Budget (2022)

Christmas is around the corner, and for many business owners, that means it’s time to start coming up with office Christmas party ideas.

Making the right party plans can be an overwhelming thought for business owners. What’s acceptable? What’s not? How much will this cost me? How can I make sure the party doesn’t interfere with work?Luckily, you as the business owner or manager can make your office holiday party as simple or elaborate as you’d like.

A great office Christmas party starts with the right perspective. After all, this is the season of giving. As you plan your company’s holiday party, remember that the goal is to reward your team members for all of the year’s hard work and to create a fun experience for your team.

There are plenty of office Christmas party ideas out there, you just have to narrow down what works best within your budget and matches the culture you have created with your employees.

Start By Determining Your Budget

You can have a great office Christmas party on any budget, but it’s best to start by knowing how much you have to spend. Then, ensure your plans fall within your allotted budget for the party.

Worry about the details after you’ve determined how much your party budget is. Next, we’ll share some holiday party ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Take the ideas that fit your business and budget best, and use them to design the perfect Christmas party for your office.

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1. Have A Themed Christmas Party

You may want to jazz up your office Christmas party by having a theme. Deciding on a specific theme is a great way to add a little extra fun to your office party. Theme ideas can range from silly to extravagant.

The Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Ugly sweater parties are more in style than ever. And luckily, you can find ugly sweaters everywhere. If employees don’t have one in their closet, they can shop at the local thrift store or big box store.

You can jazz the party up by having prizes for different categories: Ugliest Sweater, Most Creative Sweater, Sparkliest Sweater, Best-Themed Sweater.

Top it off with Ugly Sweater cakes or cookies and other sweater-themed foods.

A White Elephant Christmas Party

You can’t go wrong with a White Elephant party. The popular idea works like this:

  1. Each team member brings a wrapped gift. Typically the gifts are either funny or weird. However, it’s okay to put a really awesome gift in the mix too.
  2. The gifts are set in the middle of a circle and numbers are drawn to determine choosing order. You can do it dice-game fashion too.
  3. When the first person gets a gift, they open it for all to see.
  4. Subsequent “winners” can choose a gift from the unopened pile, or steal from someone who already has a gift.
  5. The gift exchange ends when you say it does: you can set a time limit on exchanging or take a gift out of the lineup after it’s been stolen three times.

A White Elephant party can be a great way to bring some extra laughs to your office Christmas party.

(Video) Budget Friendly Holiday Party Ideas with Anne Sage

Check out this list of great White Elephant gift ideas.

Throw A Christmas Masquerade Ball

Are you looking to do something more formal for your holiday party? How about holding a masquerade ball? You can do this at your home, your office, or you can rent a space for the evening.

Your masquerade ball can be in the traditional formal format, or you can have a masquerade party that’s a little more casual. The only true requirement is that everyone wears a mask. Search online for costume ideas and other masquerade party suggestions.

Here’s a list of ideas for some cool masks.

Have A Retro Game Night Party

Looking for a more casual Christmas party? Why not do a game night? You can have retro board games available for play, such as Scrabble, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Trouble, or Aggravation.

Or you could track down a few old Nintendo or Atari systems and do an electronic retro game night. Employees can play Pong, PacMan, Mario Bros., Tetris and more.

Another option is to rent classic stand-up video games like you’d see in an arcade. Then provide your team members with endless amounts of quarters. Serve some classic game night appetizers and desserts, and you’re done.

Organize A “Do Good” Party

A “Do Good” Christmas party is a party where you spend your time making the world a better place. For instance, you could volunteer to serve a meal at a homeless shelter. Or pack meals for third world families at a company like Feed My Starving Children or a similar organization.

If the weather’s warm, you could clean up at a local park. Another idea is to hand out office-made meals to the homeless in your area. You could also hand out socks, gloves, hats, and coats to make winter more bearable.

What about contacting the local domestic violence shelter about sponsoring a family or donating gifts?

There’s no limit to the ways you can make your city a better place. And what better way to bond with your employees than to make a difference in the world?

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The Great Bake-Off Christmas Party

How about celebrating Christmas with a bake-off contest? Each employee can bring in their favorite homemade baked goodie, or you can double up and have them bring in their favorite Christmas side dish or appetizer too.

You provide the main dishes and let your team members battle it out for Chef of the Year title. Don’t forget to have cooking or kitchen-related prizes and ribbons for participants.

(Video) 6 Cheap & Easy DIY Holiday Party Ideas | Tay from Millennial Moms

Classic Movie Marathon Party

Another option for a casual party is to have a classic movie marathon event. You can hold this at the office or at your home if you have space. There’s no end to the classic movies you can choose from.

Work to select titles based on the age and personalities in your group. Here are some ideas.

Classic Christmas Movies

  • A Christmas Story
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • Elf
  • The Polar Express
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • A Christmas Carol
  • The Santa Clause
  • Scrooged

Looking to stay away from Christmas-themed movies? How about these ideas?

Classic Non-Christmas Movies

  • A John Hughes movie marathon: (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Uncle Buck, Weird Science, Home Alone, etc.)
  • Oldies but goodies: Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Quiet Man
  • Retro action/comedies: Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, The Princess Bride, The Goonies, ET, Top Gun, Star Wars, Caddyshack, Beverly Hills Cop

Have team members vote on a theme or share their favorite classic movies. Or search the net for more classic movie ideas.

You could even encourage employees to come dressed according to the movie theme you choose. Top it off by serving food that fits the event.

2. Have A Christmas Party At The Office

If you really want to save costs, you can have your party right at the office. The great thing about having a Christmas party at the office is that you can do it during work hours or after work hours. This means you won’t have to pay to rent a separate space or prepare your home for guests.

Holiday time is a busy time of year for most everyone. Holding your Christmas party at the office can often be much easier than hosting off-site.

Team members can plan on simply staying after work for a few hours, or you can plan your party during office hours. You can invite spouses to join or designate your party for employees only.

Invite team members to help you decorate the office a few days before the party. Put up festive lights and other decorations to help get your team excited about celebrating the season with their office friends.

You can bring in food for the event, make it a potluck, or do a combination of the two.

3. Host A Christmas Party At Your Home

Years ago I worked for a large mortgage firm. Our office branch consisted of my manager, Steve, and about six other employees. Steve and his wife always hosted a beautiful Christmas party for us and our spouses at their home.

They decorated their home for the season and provided fabulous food and drink. They’d get appetizers, a main dish, and desserts from the local high-end grocery store.

Christmas music would be playing in the background. The guys would often go down and play pool in the basement family room. The girls would talk and laugh in the living room.

Steve and his wife did a great job of making us feel cherished with this simple but elegant event.


If you have the capacity to host your office Christmas party at home, it can be a great way to create a comfortable experience that ensures your employees feel like family.

4. Celebrate At A Local Restaurant

If you’re looking for a Christmas party with minimal work, why not celebrate at a local restaurant? Most restaurants have party rooms that can accommodate up to 20 people or more.

A restaurant location for your Christmas party means you and your team can relax and socialize while restaurant employees do all of the work. You can choose to have your party at the local bar and grill or choose a specialty restaurant that serves a particular style of food.

For example, you could celebrate at the local Indian restaurant, a popular Italian place or a fondue-style restaurant. If it’s in your budget, you could enjoy your Christmas party at a high-end restaurant that serves more elegant dishes.

If you choose to celebrate at a restaurant, try to choose a place that’s convenient for most of your team members. Accommodating the varying palates of your team members is important too.

For that reason, you may want to get employee opinions before choosing a restaurant. Give them a choice between three different restaurants and let the majority opinion win.

5. Have An Event-Related Christmas Party

Another option could be to have an event-related Christmas party. You could celebrate with a trip to a daytime event at the local orchestra hall or theatre.

How about celebrating by getting a suite for a local hockey or football game? Or heading out to an upcoming concert? Check your local city social website for upcoming events in your area, and buy tickets for your employees.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for where and how to celebrate the holidays with your team, it’s time to think about the little details that will make your Christmas party extra special.

Think Big

If it’s in your budget, you could always plan a more elaborate Christmas party. For instance, you could plan a night at a nearby casino–complete with hotel rooms for each employee.

Another idea would be to go to a fancy restaurant or to a resort for a weekend getaway. If profits were really high, consider throwing a simple office potluck and then surprising your team members with large bonus checks.

In short, look for opportunities to make it a party they won’t soon forget.

It’s The Little Things That Count

While big events and gifts are always fun, it’s important to remember that the little things count as well. Gestures that simply show you care can make a huge difference.

Leave a funny or personalized mug on each employee’s desk. Pay for lunch to be brought in. Close the office half a day early one day. Get little, inexpensive gifts for team members’ children or pets.


The point is to let them know that you care about their well-being–and not just about their productivity at the office.

Finding The Perfect Employee Gifts

Giving gifts to your employees is a great way to say “thank you” for their commitment and hard work. You can give a great gift on any budget. However, it’s important to choose a gift that ensures your employees feel valued.

Under $25 Gifts

It might be tough to find gifts in this price range, but we’ve got a few ideas.

  • Gift cards to inexpensive restaurants or coffee shops
  • A personalized item such as nameplate or picture frame
  • Monogrammed items
  • Handmade soaps
  • Creative food items from local craft fairs
  • A gift certificate to the local candy store
  • Specialty oils or other items from high-end kitchen stores

Again, the thought you put into the gift is what matters most. In other words, did you choose something that says “You matter to me”? You can check online at sites like UncommonGoods for more creative gifts under $25.

$25 To $75 Gifts

If you have a bit more to spend on your employees, consider these gift ideas.

  • Food gift boxes–chocolates, meat, and cheese, or other food gift ideas
  • A gift card to a local big box store or restaurant
  • A Christmas dinner box with ham, side dishes, and desserts (hint: shop the sales)
  • Gift certificates to the local movie theater, or create a movie-at-home gift basket
  • Cash

$75 And Over Gifts

  • Gift cards to nicer restaurants or big box stores
  • Cash (cash always pleases)
  • Tickets to a sporting or other event
  • Paid time off
  • Electronic gadgets

If you can, personalize the gift for the employee. For instance, if you’re getting everyone gift cards try to choose gift cards from stores that match the interest of the recipient.

As an example, your voracious reader gets a gift card to Barnes and Noble. Your tech-savvy employee gets a gift card to Best Buy. This will help cash-based gifts feel a little more thoughtful.

Don’t Forget The Personal Touch

And the personal touch is important as well. Whether it’s planning the menu, choosing the venue or buying the gifts, be sure it’s evident that you are thinking about every employee when planning the event.

Add other personal touches too. Send a personal Christmas card to them from you or your family. Give them a heartfelt “thank you” before you close down for Christmas. Or leave a handwritten “thank you” note on their desk.

Just be sure they know how much you appreciate all that they do for your company.

Be Respectful Of Other Religions

Respecting the varying religions of the employees who work for you is important but it’s okay to celebrate Christmas at your office Christmas party.

Or, you can call it an office holiday party and include other religious celebrations such as Hannakuh and Kwanzaa. However you do it, be sure to be respectful of employees who may not celebrate, or who may practice different religions.

Only you can decide what it means to respect your team members’ beliefs, but it’s important to consider that as you plan your party.

Having an annual office holiday party is one of many popular employee benefits most workers truly enjoy. With a little thought and planning, you can create a Christmas party that balances budget and enjoyment.

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Office Christmas Party Ideas That Bring Festive Cheer On A Budget (1)


What do you talk about in an office Christmas party? ›

5 office Christmas party conversation starters
  • Compliment an outfit. ...
  • Secure an introduction. ...
  • Mention the food. ...
  • Work history. ...
  • Ask about the last Christmas party.
8 Nov 2017

What do you do at a small business Christmas party? ›

Small office Christmas party ideas: Best activities that guarantee fun
  • Costume party. A holiday costume party is a low-cost party concept for your small company. ...
  • A dance competition. ...
  • Sweet exchange. ...
  • Lip syncing contest. ...
  • Office Culture Show. ...
  • Sip the Nips. ...
  • Online Bingo. ...
  • Secret Santa.
16 Sept 2022

How do you throw the best Christmas party? ›

How to Host An Unforgettable Christmas Party
  1. Theme Your Christmas Party. ...
  2. Get organized. ...
  3. Set Up A Photo Booth. ...
  4. Make The Bar Self-Service. ...
  5. Offer Snacks Instead Of A Sit-Down Dinner. ...
  6. Create a Playlist. ...
  7. Play Reindeer Games. ...
  8. Designate A Dessert Table.

What is a company Christmas party? ›

A company Christmas party encourages employee engagement. Most employees want to get to know their co-workers better, which can be hard at times while at work. Hosting a company Christmas party provides an opportunity for employees to strengthen the bonds they have with one another and get to know each other better.

What do you need for a Christmas party? ›

If you're prepared to decorate by yourself, here are a few things to check off of your list:
  1. Door wreath.
  2. Christmas lights.
  3. Mistletoe.
  4. Themed napkins and tablecloths.
  5. Christmas tree/ornaments.
  6. Garlands or hanging wreaths.
  7. Fake snow if you've got it.
17 Nov 2017

What time should a Christmas party start? ›

We think that the best time for a Christmas party to start is around 7:00pm. However, the exact start time will depend on a few factors such as: How long the party will last. If the guests are mainly children or adults.

What do you say in an office party? ›

Tell me about some of your favorite moments this year.” Asking about one's best memories of the year puts a positive spin on the question of, “How was your year?” People like talking about things they're proud of. “What are you looking forward to next year?” Avoid typical questions about New Year's resolutions.

What do you talk about at work gatherings? ›

A few ideas might include:
  • The party itself (is it in a particularly interesting venue? ...
  • Entertainment (what they're currently reading, listening to, or watching on Netflix).
  • Hobbies and what they do for fun (this is a great area to find unexpected common ground).
12 Nov 2021

What do you talk about at a work party? ›

- “What keeps you busy lately?” - “Tell me about you.” - “Have you always lived in (city) or did you move here?” - “Have you seen anything good on Netflix/Hulu lately?” - “How has your year been going?” Since you likely all work for the same company, use this time to get to know people you've never met.

How do you throw an employee appreciation party? ›

Here are a few party ideas for inspiration:
  1. Offer Your Employees a Feast. ...
  2. Make it Fun With Themes and Activities For Employee Appreciation. ...
  3. Offer Swag Bags For Employee Appreciation. ...
  4. Creative Workshops For Employee Appreciation. ...
  5. Host a Lunch Outing For Employee Appreciation. ...
  6. Organize an Exciting Team Activity.
25 May 2022

Why do companies have holiday parties? ›

Holiday parties are an opportunity to reinvigorate employees and remind them of the reasons why they chose to work for your company. It Allows Employees to Interact with Executives and Upper Management: Especially in larger companies, some employees may have never met upper management or members of the executive team.

How will you organize your own Christmas party this year and is it going to make any difference in someone's life? ›

How to Plan a Christmas Party
  1. Choose a date. Find a date in December to host your Christmas party. ...
  2. Choose a location. Decide if you want to throw your party at home or rent a space. ...
  3. Choose a Christmas party theme. ...
  4. Choose Christmas party invitations. ...
  5. Set a budget for food and decorations. ...
  6. Prepare in advance.
9 Nov 2018

How do you throw the best corporate party? ›

5 Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Corporate Event
  1. Pick a Fun Theme. Everyone loves a party with a good theme. ...
  2. Have a Flexible Plan. All successful events have one thing in common: they have a plan. ...
  3. Follow Your Budget. ...
  4. Choose a Unique Venue. ...
  5. Make a Delicious Menu.
19 Nov 2021

What is an appreciation party? ›

Get this party started

Real estate client appreciation parties are a way to show your top-referring clients that you are grateful for the business they send you. When you celebrate these folks, they are more inclined to refer you in the future and work with you again.

What is a work party? ›

Noun. work party (plural work parties) An organised group of workmen or workers performing a task together.

What is the trend for Christmas 2022? ›

One of the key Christmas trends for 2022 looks set to be vibrant colours and atypical Christmas décor. Lanterns, honeycomb balls and festoon lighting that we are far more used to seeing in summer parties will feature heavily in Christmas aesthetics this year. The repurposing of year-round décor helps to manage cost.

What theme is popular for Christmas 2021? ›

One theme stands out for Christmas 2021 when it comes to cards and wrapping paper: sustainability. Over the last few years, interest in sustainability appears to have grown, with people now searching for cards, wrapping paper and even gifts that are sustainable in some way.

What are some fun Christmas activities? ›

Just choose your favorite from those below or use them to inspire an idea all your own.
  • Take a Holiday Card Photo.
  • Visit A Christmas Tree Farm.
  • Decorate a Gingerbread House.
  • Bake Unique Christmas Cookies.
  • Plan a Family Photoshoot.
  • Host A Holiday Game Night.
  • Host a Christmas Craft Party.
  • Write Letters to Santa.
23 Dec 2021

What food should I bring to a Christmas party? ›

Here are 18 party foods that are sweet to look at and easy to eat.
  • Christmas Party Food That Will Take Your Holiday To The Next Level. ...
  • Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread With Marinara Dipping Sauce. ...
  • Snowman Cheese Ball. ...
  • Mac + Cheese Donuts. ...
  • Reindeer Chow. ...
  • Toasted Ravioli. ...
  • Shrimp Dip. ...
  • Cheesy Vegan Mashed Potato Pancakes.
2 Dec 2021

Why are work Christmas parties important? ›

Christmas parties allow your team to get social in a less formal setting, with less strict expectations than office socialising and encourages better communication and a more friendly environment. As the saying goes, the team that plays together stays together!

Can you have a Christmas party at work? ›

It is possible to have a legally safe holiday party at your office as long as you take care of your potential liabilities.

Why have a company Christmas party? ›

Loyalty: Parties emphasize team spirit and help to retain your company employees presenting an environment they want to work in. Give everybody a break: Away from the office and a change of scenery will allow everyone to relax and enjoy themselves without the pressure, potential stress and deadlines from work.

How do I start a party planning committee? ›

How to build your own Party Planning Committee
  1. Find your committee. Our committee includes 4–5 members. ...
  2. Create a meeting schedule. Lemonly's PPC generally meets once a month.
  3. Create a detailed events document.

What is Christmas celebration? ›

Christians celebrate Christmas Day as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, a spiritual leader whose teachings form the basis of their religion.

What should you not do in an office party? ›

10 Things Not to Do at a Work Party
  • Enjoy the free bar. ...
  • Be a negatron. ...
  • Get all chummy with the boss. ...
  • Continue the work day. ...
  • Mention raises or bonuses. ...
  • Talk about what a coworker is now making at a competitor. ...
  • Gossip, especially about office romance. ...
  • Ask who's hotter, Ashley or Jessica.
7 Dec 2010

How do you impress a business event? ›

5 Tips For Making a Good Impression at Your Office Party
  1. Dress up – but keep it professional. Clothes make a strong visual statement about how you see yourself. ...
  2. Practice your party intro. ...
  3. Let your body show that you are at ease. ...
  4. Shake hands—but don't go overboard. ...
  5. Pretend you're the hostess.
9 Dec 2015

What should you avoid doing at a business party? ›

  • 1) Don't skip the party. ...
  • 2) Don't talk about work excessively. ...
  • 3) Don't bring an inappropriate gag gift to the swap. ...
  • 4) Don't appear bored or antisocial. ...
  • 5) Don't drink too much. ...
  • 6) Dress festively (but not inappropriately). ...
  • 7) Be careful with what you share on social media. ...
  • 8) Meet new people.
9 Dec 2016

What are some fun conversation topics? ›

Use these tips to keep the conversation flowing.
  • What's the last thing that made you laugh out loud? ...
  • What was your first car? ...
  • What person in your life brings you the most joy? ...
  • Do you have any tattoos? ...
  • Do you have any pets? ...
  • What were you obsessed with when you were a child? ...
  • What's your most controversial opinion?

What is the best topic to discuss? ›

Conversation Topics For Anyone
  • “What is your favorite thing about your personality?”
  • “What do you love most about your home?”
  • “What's one habit you want to get rid of and one habit you want to keep?”
  • “What was the first big purchase you made as an adult?”
  • “What does a perfect day with the family look like?”
1 Sept 2022

What are some fun questions to ask coworkers? ›

You can incorporate small games into the session which will be a laugh and leave everyone in high spirits.
  • Tell us two truths and a lie.
  • What's the weirdest you've ever done?
  • If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be?
  • What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
  • What's your favourite TV show?
24 Apr 2020

What do you talk about on Christmas? ›

10 Essential and Funny Topics to Discuss at Christmas
  • Learning New Skills. ...
  • Best Read Books. ...
  • Your Favourite Christmas Movies. ...
  • Last Year's Christmas Gifts and Activities. ...
  • Christmas Holiday Memories. ...
  • Favourite Christmas Song. ...
  • New Friends. ...
  • Newly Visited Places & History.
23 Dec 2019

How do you socialize at a work party? ›

Plan Conversation Topics

At the same time, conversation at a work party does not need to revolve solely around your work. Get to know people on a personal level. Ask questions and listen to what others have to say. Brush up on current events, and have a couple of jokes memorized just in case.

How do you make small talk with someone? ›

Here are eight tips to master the art of small talk.
  1. Reduce anxiety. Introverts may approach small talk with anxiety, ranging from slight apprehension to debilitating dread. ...
  2. Be purposeful. ...
  3. Channel your curiosity. ...
  4. Ask questions. ...
  5. Add juicy tidbits. ...
  6. Deepen the conversation. ...
  7. Recognize cues. ...
  8. Be kind to yourself.
30 Mar 2015

How do you set up a Christmas party? ›

Your Christmas Party Planning Checklist
  1. Choose a date and time.
  2. Find a venue.
  3. Choose a theme.
  4. Set a budget.
  5. Plan the menu.
  6. Plan decorations.
  7. Find games and entertainment.
  8. Send out invitations.
16 Nov 2021

Where was the office Christmas party filmed? ›

Principal photography on the film began late March 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. In early April, filming took place in Chicago, Illinois, and after that production moved to Hiram, Georgia, where it shot from April 19 to June 1, 2016.

What is the trend for Christmas 2022? ›

One of the key Christmas trends for 2022 looks set to be vibrant colours and atypical Christmas décor. Lanterns, honeycomb balls and festoon lighting that we are far more used to seeing in summer parties will feature heavily in Christmas aesthetics this year. The repurposing of year-round décor helps to manage cost.

How do you throw a fun holiday party? ›

Top 10 Tips for Hosting The Ultimate Holiday Party
  1. Plan Your Menu. Everyone will appreciate a varied menu that appeals to guests with diverse palates and preferences. ...
  2. Pick a Color Scheme. ...
  3. Make Menu Cards. ...
  4. Create a Signature Cocktail. ...
  5. Set The Mood. ...
  6. Have Awesome Music. ...
  7. Make Some, Assemble Some. ...
  8. Make Something Cute.

What theme is popular for Christmas 2021? ›

One theme stands out for Christmas 2021 when it comes to cards and wrapping paper: sustainability. Over the last few years, interest in sustainability appears to have grown, with people now searching for cards, wrapping paper and even gifts that are sustainable in some way.

How do I host an unforgettable Christmas party? ›

Here are 6 ways to organise an unforgettable Christmas party!
  1. Find a venue. ...
  2. Choose a format. ...
  3. Plan a theme. ...
  4. Hire a DJ. ...
  5. Set a ticket price. ...
  6. Think about your communication.
22 Nov 2021

What does every Christmas party need? ›

If you're prepared to decorate by yourself, here are a few things to check off of your list:
  • Door wreath.
  • Christmas lights.
  • Mistletoe.
  • Themed napkins and tablecloths.
  • Christmas tree/ornaments.
  • Garlands or hanging wreaths.
  • Fake snow if you've got it.
17 Nov 2017

What time should a Christmas party start? ›

7:00pm is a good time slot because it gives you plenty of time to prepare on the day of the party. It's also not too late that you have to worry about hosting the party beyond midnight, unless that's what you want to do. If children are attending the party, it's also not too late in the evening.

What is a office party? ›

Meaning of office party in English

a party for all the people in a company, department, etc., often paid for by the company: The office party was held at a local bar called Lucky's.

What is the meaning of Christmas party? ›

a party organized before Christmas, usually by a firm or organization. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

When did Office Christmas Party come out? ›


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