JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB90: Bluetooth Party Speakers - (2022)

Do you love to party? If you are a bass-head and love partying with friends all night long, then we have the perfect speaker for you. The JBL PartyBox 300 and Sony GTK-XB 90 are some of the most powerful battery-powered Bluetooth speakers.

Comparing JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB 90, we see the PartyBox 300 is the preferable one in terms of audio and features whereas the GTK-XB 90 has more flexibility along with features. The GTK-XB 90 comes with an app that has several options and settings.

Comparison between JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB90:

JBL PartyBox 300Sony GTK-XB90
ColorBlackBlack, wenge
Drivers3 2.5 inch tweeters
2 6.5 inch woofers
3 2.36-inch tweeter
2 7 inch woofer
Frequency response45 hertz-20 kilohertzunknown
Battery typeLi-ionLi-ion
Battery life18 hours16 hours
USB inputyesno
ConnectionsRCA stereo input, RCA stereo output, headphone outputRCA stereo input, RCA stereo output
Bluetooth version4.24.2
Bluetooth codecunknownALAC, LDAC, SBC
Bluetooth profileNoneA2DP, AVRCP, SPP
Near field communicationnoyes
Dimension27.1" x 12.2" x 12.6" (H x W x D)13.2" x 26.4" x 13.2" (H x W x D)

JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB90: Bluetooth Party Speakers - (2)

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How I differentiated the products: JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB90


The JBL PartyBox 300 has a meshed metal grille with a plastic body that is prone to scratches. It has rubber feet at three sides of the speaker so you can put it horizontally or vertically. The top of the speaker has a handle and control buttons like power, volume up/down, play/pause, lighting, bass boost. The built-in lights flashes, blinks, and follows the music rhythm and has 3 modes: Meter, Pulse, and Party.

The Sony GTK-XB90 has a mesh metal grille and textured hard plastic. It has three 2.36 -inch tweeters and 2 7-inch woofers. The top of the speaker has controls like power, play/pause, or answer a call, stamina, Function, Add, Wireless party chain, extra bass, volume up/down.

You can also place it vertically or horizontally. Comparing JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB90, we see that Sony has more number of controls. Such as, the stamina button is a life-savior when you take it outdoors and the battery is running low.

Audio performance

Just like the name, the JBL PartyBox 300 is meant for parties. With a frequency response of 45Hz-20kHz, it has deep bass and if you turn the bass boost on, it will literally shake your walls. Based on our experience, we have seen that the audio can get very loud without being distorted and in most cases, you need to lower the volume.

The mids and highs are clean and clear. The speaker has mic and instrument inputs that have gain controls for karaoke function. The PartyBox 300 also has a rear bass port to enhance the bass along with that it has EQ settings.

The Sony GTK-XB90 has similar drivers like the PartyBox but the woofer is slightly larger. The datasheet or website doesn’t mention the frequency response but the bass is undoubtedly deep and punchy. It can get very loud that measures around 90dB at full volume. You can sing your favorite songs as it supports mic input.

Sony GTK-XB 90 has some audio effects like ClearAudio+, Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE). The DSEE assures that the compressed audio files retain the same quality and information as the original one. And the ClearAudio+ emphasizes on how clear and immersive the audio should sound for the users.


As the JBL PartyBox 300 is a Bluetooth speaker, you can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. It has several connections like USB, Aux, Bluetooth, RCA, ¼-inch guitar, and mic input. So if you want to connect the XLR mic input you need to use an additional adapter.

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You can use the USB to charge your phone. While the main source should be Bluetooth with a smartphone, you can use USB for a flash drive or RCA for a CD player or turntable. For USB, it supports MP3, WMA, and WAV music files but it doesn’t support playback from Apple iOS or Android OS.

The Sony GTK-XB90 has RCA ports, USB, mic in with mic level. Between JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB90, the JBL doesn’t have NFC while the Sony doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack. The GTK-XB 90 has LDAC Bluetooth that ensures the best quality of audio in wireless connection. With the Audio input/output you can pair a TV or speaker as well.

Party mode

Why are these speakers called party speakers? Both these speakers have built-in light feature but the lights on PartyBox is more eye-catching. The PartyBox has a light ring and strobing lights on top and button. It also sheds light on tweeter and woofers. The built-in lights flashes, blinks, and follows the music rhythm and has 3 modes: Meter, Pulse, and Party.

Sony GTK-XB 90 uses an infinity mirror where lights reflect in such a way that boosts up the mood for the party. You can pair two JBL PartyBox 300 wirelessly by True Wireless Stereo or by RCA with wired. For playing music in a crowd the stereo pairing will be effective. Along with that, you can press the bass boost button to enhance the punch and creating a chest-thumping and room-shaking effect.

You can pair two or up to 10 Sony GTK-XB90 speakers. If you use a pair, the overall sound will be more powerful and will be ideal for partying outdoor or indoor. However, you can’t take them to a pool-party or by the beach because they are neither waterproof nor splash-proof.

It comes with a mobile app where you have several settings like Library, Pandora, Light color change, DJ effects, adjusting EQ, extra bass, etc. while there is no specific app for JBL PartyBox 300, you can use the JBL Music app to stream music and change EQ settings, lights, etc.

Also check outBumpboxx which are specially made for doing party.


While the Partybox 300 isn’t built to grab and take anywhere you go, you can easily take it with you on the back of your car trunk. It has a battery with a 10400mAh capacity that needs only 5 hours to charge. And it can run for 18 hours which is pretty impressive. The LED on the top will flash red indicating low battery.

Comparing JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB90, the Sony GTK-XB90 can give a playback time of up to 16 hours. The Stamina button will help in case you are outdoor. You can press this button when the battery is running low and it will give up to 4.5 hours of battery life.

Both these speakers have handles but are not small or compact Bluetooth speaker that you can carry anywhere. Rather they fit well in cars and ideal for large get-togethers or EDM parties.

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What could be improved?

While both these speakers are packed with features, there are certain things that they can improve. Such as, the GTK-XB 90 could include the 3.5mm audio jack. They could also focus on the audio quality along with being the loudest. This is treble and mid-range of this speaker is not very impressive. the vocals and the musical instruments aren’t focused to stand out as well.

The JBL can include the NFC. They may also make it waterproof or splash-proof for poolside parties. They should have wires for audio connections or make an XLR for the mic input.

Product differentiators: JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB90

Between JBL PartyBox vs Sony GTK-XB90, the main difference lies mostly in features and flexibility. The audio performance is not the same but they are decent in their own way. The JBL which belongs to Harman Kardon is well-known for aesthetics. While PartyBox reveals its specifications, Sony is quite secretive.

Both these speakers are best for partying or playing EDM, rock, pop, or jazz. If you are an audiophile who loves room-shaking bass with powerful and blasting audio these speakers are ideal for you. The PartyBox 300 doesn’t have NFC while GTK-XB 90 doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack.

The PartyBox is well-known immersive audio with clarity and deep bass. The GTK-XB 90 can get very loud without being distorted. It has punchy bass and overall balanced audio quality. Also, you can control it with an app.

It is heavier than GTK-XB90 and has mic and instrument input for karaoke with separate control knobs. The GTK-XB90 has only mic input. Also for more emphasis on low-frequency, the PartyBox has a rear-firing port whereas Sony doesn’t. Sony and JBL speakers are great rivals, no doubt about that.

Alternative Products: JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB90

JBL Boombox


  • Powerful bass with excellent audio quality
  • Bass more than enough for indoors and ideal for outdoors
  • Water-resistant and light-weight with handle
  • Ideal for hikes, beaches, or pool parties
  • Audio can get very loud without distortion
  • The extra-long battery life of 24 hours


  • No EQ to adjust treble and bass
  • At 20% charge, there is a buzzing sound
  • You can’t skip to the previous song

Sony GTK-XB60


  • Powerful audio performance
  • Serious bass depth
  • High volume output.
  • Built-in LED lights.
  • Solid battery life.


  • Highly sculpted sound signature.
  • Heavy


JBL of Harman Kardon and Sony are some of the best brands running successfully. Comparing JBL PartyBox 300 vs GTK-XB 90, we see that they focus on producing the loudest music with wall-shaking bass. These speakers excel in different features and connections.

You can go for the JBL PartyBox 300 if you are a fan of JBL, their sturdy build quality, and aesthetics. The treble, mids, and lows are well-tuned with clarity. The bass is enhanced with a rear bass port. It has several connections like Bluetooth, RCA, etc. Along with being the loudest, it doesn’t compromise the overall audio quality.

The Sony GTK-XB 90 is also a loudspeaker that focuses on bass. Although the sound performance is not the worst, it might be improved. They are best for karaoke and have an app filled with several settings. It has TrueAudio+ and DSEE to enhance the audio. The speakers are different in their own way and you can choose the one based on your priorities.


Here are some questions and answers for better understanding.

(Video) SONY SRS XP700 vs JBL PARTYBOX 310 | First Impressions | Binaural Sound Sample | Sound Comparison

How to answer a phone with Sony GTK-XB 90?

If you want to answer your phone do as follows:

  • When a call comes in, the speaker will stop playing and allow the call to ring to notify you.
  • Select this button on the top of the speaker to receive the call.
  • If you want to reject it, press and hold the button
  • After answering, talk in the microphone of the speaker.
  • To end the call, simply press the button again.

How to connect Bluetooth devices with Sony GTK-XB 90?

Follow these steps to connect the device via Bluetooth.

  • Make sure the device is near the GTK-XB 90, around 1 meter.
  • On the top panel, press Functions-Pairing multiple times so that the Bluetooth LED lights up
  • The device will speak ‘Bluetooth pairing’
  • Go to your device and turn on Bluetooth, search for Bluetooth devices
  • From the list select the speaker GTK-XB 90

What is the function of TWS of JBL PartyBox 300?

The True Wireless Stereo is used to connect another speaker wirelessly with the PartyBox 300.

  • Keep pressing the Bluetooth button on both speakers at the same time for 5s.
  • The speaker that you paired with the smart device will be the master speaker and considered the L channel. The other speaker will be the R channel and will be the slave.

You can also read comparisons about kef ls50 and Sonos play5 or between Kef LSX and Kef LS50W to select which one is suitable for you.

JBL PartyBox 300 vs Sony GTK-XB90: Bluetooth Party Speakers - (3)

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Which party speaker is best JBL or Sony? ›

Side-by-Side Comparison

The Sony SRS-XB23 is a better speaker than the JBL Flip 5. The Sony is better-built, can play stereo content, and has longer-lasting continuous battery life. It also has a companion app with a graphic EQ so that you can tweak its sound to your liking.

How many watts is the Sony GTK xb90? ›

A: The item has 470 watts.

Is the JBL Party Box loud? ›

It sounds balanced, gets decently loud, and has an ample amount of bass for its size. The JBL Partybox 100 sounds well balanced while in bass boost level 1 with well-defined vocals, a good kick in its bass, it sounds pretty open, and it gets decently loud.

Can you DJ with JBL PartyBox? ›

I would say definitely. I have tested my (single) party box 300 with my Denon (MC4000) DJ controller and it worked fine without issues.

How many watts is loud enough for a party? ›

As a rough rule of thumb, if it is an indoor gig, you should aim to have as a minimum around five watts per person. If you are playing outside or want “rave volume”, then you will probably want to double that and have 10 watts per person.

Is JBL and Sony same company? ›

JBL is owned by Harman International, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

How many watts is PartyBox 300? ›

Performance. Beneath the large metallic grille panel, the PartyBox 300 houses dual 6.5-inch woofers and dual 2.3-inch tweeters delivering a frequency range of 45Hz to 20kHz and a whopping 100-120 watts RMS.

What is the loudest speaker? ›

We've made a shortlist of the loudest Bluetooth speakers on the current market below:
  • Soundboks Gen 3.
  • Ultimate Ears Hyperboom.
  • JBL Partybox 310.
  • Sony GTK – XB90.
  • JBL Boombox 2.
  • Anker Soundcore Rave Mini.
  • Sonos Move.
9 Aug 2022

How many watts is the loudest Bluetooth speaker? ›

The Aiwa Exos-9 is possibly the loudest Bluetooth speaker you will ever find that delivers up to 200 watts of massive stereo sound. This massive speaker comes equipped with 5 drivers, including a 6.5” dual-voice coil subwoofer.

What is the biggest JBL Bluetooth speaker? ›

The JBL PartyBox 710 is the largest and one of the best JBL speakers designed for massive sound performance. The Partybox 710 can deliver a massive 800 watts of high-performance JBL signature sound with extremely deep bass response, making it one of the largest party speakers you can find from JBL.

How many DB is the JBL PartyBox 1000? ›

JBL PartyBox 1000 – at least 110 Decibels

Now this speaker is a bit more expensive than both of the SOUNDBOKS speakers.

Is the Sony GTK XB90 water resistant? ›

Much like the Sony XB72, the Sony XB90 isn't rated for water or dust resistance, and we don't test for this.

Is the Sony GTK XB90 waterproof? ›

This unit is not waterproof or dustproof, please use in a suitable location. Whenever you're away from mains power, the rechargeable battery gives you 16 hours. Create a quick BLUETOOTH® connection with NFC One-touch, or stream from over Wi-Fi.

How many watts is the Sony GTK speaker? ›

1-4 of 4 Answers

The item has 470 watts.

Does more watt mean more bass? ›

More bass does not necessarily mean better bass. The power is determined by the wattage of the subwoofer in question, where a higher wattage demonstrates a more powerful subwoofer.

How do I choose a party speaker? ›

Tip 1: Pay attention to the quality of the speaker.

Because good speakers, even if they are more expensive than others, are the best investment for the party and beyond. Nobody likes bad, tinny and bland sound. Music has to be fun to listen to.

What size amp do I need for 500-watt speakers? ›

If you have four 500-watt subs, choose a 1,000- to 1,200-watt amp.

Why is JBL the best? ›

JBL is one of the old guards of speaker tech—the company's been around for decades. Now the undisputed kings of Bluetooth speakers for the mass market, wireless JBL speakers have made their name on a consistent level of quality with waterproofing, solid features, and reliable performance.

Is JBL a Chinese company? ›

Harman International is a Samsung subsidiary. To put it another way, Samsung has owned the JBL brand since 2016. Its headquarters are located in three locations: the United States, Stamford, and Connecticut. As a result, jbl is not a Chinese corporation.

What speaker is better than JBL PartyBox 300? ›

The JBL PartyBox 100 is a better speaker than the JBL PartyBox 300. The PartyBox 100 is better-built and more portable thanks to its smaller size. It also has a more balanced sound profile and a better soundstage performance.

What JBL PartyBox has the best bass? ›

The JBL PartyBox 310 is the best speaker for bass that we've tested. There's a 'Bass Boost' feature with two bass levels you can use to bump up the bass in your audio.

How good is the JBL PartyBox 300? ›

The JBL PartyBox 300 is decent for outdoor use. It can get very loud, and its 18.3-hour battery life is suitable for long days outside without a recharge. While it's well-built, it isn't rated for dust, water, or impact resistance, so you should be careful about where you use it.

How many watts is a good speaker? ›

The best wattage for the home speaker is between 15 and 30 watts. Most homeowners find 20 watts sufficient enough. A speaker for larger gatherings can be 50 watts or 100 watts.

What speaker is strongest? ›

Loudest Speakers In The World
  • Was 3000 by Wyle Laboratories. This incredible speaker can produce sound up a level of 165 dB. ...
  • Matterhorn by Danley Sound Labs. The Matterhorn is a quite incredible speaker. ...
  • 9918Z by Digital Designs. This is a subwoofer and speaker combo. ...
  • The 60-inch Subwoofers. That's right, you read that.

How many watts is good for Bluetooth speakers? ›

Any speaker with a wattage of 150-500 is best suited for a great music listening experience and is easy on the pocket. All sounds have a frequency, this is the measure of how high or low the sound is.

Which speaker is best for bass? ›

  • F&D F5060X 135W 5.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker. The F&D F5060X 135W 5.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker comes with five satellites and offers an audio output of 135 Watts. ...
  • Philips SPA4040B/94 Multimedia Speakers System. ...
  • JBL Charge 5. ...
  • Bose SoundLink Revolve+ ...
  • Sony SRS-XB23 Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker.
28 Jul 2022

How loud should party speakers be? ›

When thinking about how loud your speakers should be for a party, you need to consider both the indoor and outdoor dB levels. Indoors, the ideal range is between 50 and 60 dB. This is loud enough to be heard over the music and other noise but not so loud that it will cause discomfort or damage your hearing.

Are speakers with higher watts better? ›

Yes, it's true that the higher the power (watts), the louder and cleaner the speakers will play. Small differences in power, however, don't make much of an audible change. In order to perceptively hear a difference (a 3dB increase), the power would have to double.

What is the loudest Sony speaker? ›

Sony Electronics Introduces New SRS-XV900, its Loudest, Most Powerful X-Series Speaker
  • Omnidirectional party sound that delivers the highest sound pressure. ...
  • Long lasting battery life. ...
  • Convenient Portability. ...
  • TV Sound Booster connectivity to enhance the TV sound experience. ...
  • Omnidirectional Party Lights & Karaoke.
5 days ago

How many watts is the JBL PartyBox? ›

Power to the party

Kick out the hottest jams in town. JBL PartyBox 100 thumps out 160 Watts of that pounding JBL signature sound. Start the party whenever and wherever you need.

How many watts is the JBL PartyBox 310? ›

The JBL PartyBox 310 packs a full party into a transportable, splashproof sound machine like no other. Turn up your favorite playlists anywhere, from get-togethers at home to dance parties on the beach. Bring big party vibes with 240 watts of JBL Pro Sound and a synced light show that grooves to the beat.

What does 120 decibels sound like? ›

100 – 120 decibels: For example, a bulldozer, impact wrench, or motorcycle. 120 – 140 decibels: Such as, a rock concert, auto racing, or a hammer pounding a nail. 125 – 155 decibels: Like, firecrackers or fireworks, or a jet engine. 170 – 190 decibels: For example, a shot gun blast or a rocket lift off.

Is 100db loud? ›

Compared to other moderate or loud dB levels (of up to 85 decibels), 100 decibels is considered very loud and dangerous to human hearing. When measuring a sound, a 10 dB increase equals a 10-time increase in the intensity of the sound.

Does JBL 310 have subwoofer? ›

The PartyBox 310 features a 1/8" audio input for traditional wired devices and a USB input for playback from compatible drives, as well as two 1/4" microphone jacks, one of which can instead be used as an electric guitar input. The speaker has two 6.5" woofers and two 2.5" tweeters that deliver up to 240W of RMS power.

Does the JBL PartyBox 1000 have good bass? ›

If you're looking to elevate any sort of gathering, the JBL Partybox 1000 is going to be your best friend. Most will praise the huge bass sound the unit is capable of producing, but it is quite the well-balanced speaker.

How many watts does Sony xp700 have? ›

1-3 of 3 Answers

This speaker is 110 watts.

Which brand speaker is best? ›

The 9 Best Speaker Brands - Fall 2022 Reviews
  • Amazon. Amazon Echo Studio. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Anker. Anker Soundcore Motion+ SEE PRICE. ...
  • Apple. Apple HomePod mini. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Bose. Bose Portable Smart Speaker. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Google. Google Nest Audio. SEE PRICE. ...
  • JBL. JBL PartyBox 310. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Sonos. Sonos Move. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Sony. Sony XP700. SEE PRICE.

Which is best JBL or Sony subwoofer? ›

Sony speakers have better bass, sound quality and fabric which is better than JBL.

Are Sony car speakers good? ›

Sony car speakers are known as some of the best car speakers in performance in the market and offer the best value.

Is Sony a good speaker brand? ›

The Sony sound quality is undeniably one of the best on the market, so no matter if you're planning on throwing an incredible party, or you just need a set of reliable speakers, you are all set.

Which is no 1 speaker brand? ›

Bose is best known for its top-notch home audio systems and speakers, noise-cancelling headphones, professional audio products and automobile sound systems.

Which is the best sound system in the world? ›

  • Dali Oberon 5 5.1 Speaker Package. You can build a great surround system around this hugely enjoyable package. ...
  • Sonos Arc. ...
  • Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Home Cinema Pack. ...
  • Sony HT-A9. ...
  • Sonos Beam Gen 2. ...
  • Wharfedale DX-2. ...
  • Sony HT-A7000. ...
  • Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 Cinema Pack.
7 Sept 2022

Is Harman Kardon better than Sony? ›

The Sony is better-built with longer battery life, and it supports voice assistants from your smartphone. Also, its companion app offers a graphic EQ so you can customize its sound profile. However, the Harman/Kardon has a better-balanced sound profile out-of-the-box.

Is JBL good Quora? ›

JBL is always known to be one of the pioneers when it comes to sound. They always offer amazing products that cost a little higher but, never compromised in terms of quality. If you are looking for headphones, subwoofers, and stereo speakers, JBL has got it all.

Which speaker is best Sony or Pioneer? ›

While both brands put time, thought, and effort into the design of their user interface, most experts believe that Pioneer does the best job creating an easily accessible menu.

Are Pioneer or Sony speakers better? ›

Both Sony and Pioneer offer high-quality car stereos with a variety of features to choose from. However, Pioneer tends to be the better choice if you're looking for the best sound quality, while Sony is a good choice if you're looking for a sleek, stylish design.

What is Sony Xplod? ›

The Sony Xplod radio cassette recorder is also referred to as the boombox, comes with many features and among them are great bass responses because of the large power drive woofers. It comes with superior quality and an aggressive look.

Which brand is better than JBL? ›

Simply you want quality sound and price range little bit low compares others means go for Sony. Low price and get a clear sound to invest to sound magic. Otherwise jbl is a good brand but can invest more than 3500rs means get a better sound. Bose is top level one.

Can you pair Sony and JBL speakers? ›

Use Bluetooth speakers together for stereo sound

Some speakers, like JBL and Sony's excellent SRS-XB wireless Bluetooth speakers also allow you to choose between turning your pair of speakers into a stereo set, by splitting the left and right channels, or keeping them both playing the same thing.


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