How to Play Candyland the Board Game: Rules and Instructions (2022)

Candyland is a super-fun board game designed for preschoolers to learn patience, color-recognition, and socialization while making their way to a delicious land of sweets. Over the years as several variations have come up, children often get confused about how to play Candyland.

Not anymore. This guide will walk you through all you need to know about the game and its rules.

Like other games such as Sequence For Kids, Candyland is also played with one board and multiple cards. However, the similarities between the games pretty much end there. Candyland is more like a race where players aim to skip through the hurdles and finish fast.

Let’s quench your curiosity and get straight to how to play Candyland. Keep reading to find out.

What Is Candyland?

A board game filled with vibrance, Candyland is a kids board game that is filled with innocent surprises in the form of cards, shortcuts, and hurdles. The players move spaces forward or backward with the purpose to be the first one to reach the end where an attractive rainbow-colored Candyland is waiting for them.

Number Of Players: 2-4.

Ages: 3 and above

Difficulty: Easy.

Length Of Play: 15 mins.

Main Objective: Being the fastest player to reach the Candyland.

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Why We Love It: It’s difficult to beat this game when it comes to making the children giggle with happiness. While it is designed to please the kids, it can also serve as a good pass time for adults with a slight variation to make it strategic.

Brief History Of Candyland

How to Play Candyland the Board Game: Rules and Instructions (1)

The history and the creation of the legendary Candyland board game is one to remember. In fact, it resonates to a great extent to the situation we are in today. There’s a good reason why several middle to old-aged Americans remember Candyland as their first board game.

Its creation can be traced back to the Polio crisis during the 1940s, which affected thousands and had unfurled an atmosphere of looming dread. That was the time when Eleanor Abbott, a Polio victim herself, came up with the idea of a game filled with colors and resemblance of joy for recuperating kids.

The game was developed in 1948 in the hospital where she was surrounded by suffering kids. The catchy appearance, easy rules, and fun elements of the game, in that backdrop, were exactly what children needed at the time. Candyland thus became an instant hit and a board game that was emotionally introduced first to the coming generations.

What You Need To Play Candyland

A Candyland game hardly needs any set up as long as you have the players and their pawns in place. Here’s what your Candyland board game kit needs:

– A deck of cards shuffled to mix the three types (single squared, double squared, and ones with a picture).

– A Candyland board.

– 4 pawns of different colors.

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How To Play Candyland: Rules and Instructions

Candyland is a classic board-racing game. Therefore, the players are each assigned a pawn that will travel through the sweet surprises of the journey on their behalf.

In Candyland, generally, the player who is the youngest goes first. To make the beginning more interesting, you can even have a little rock, papers, and scissors match to decide who gets to draw first.

When you and your friends are racing through the Candyland board, you will typically encounter all or a few of the below scenarios. Let’s check them all out and see how we can get to the finish line the fastest.

Advance Or Retreat

This is a classic case of when a player draws a single square card. The color on the square corresponds to the position that the player’s pawn will take. The player will advance towards the nearest square of the same color. For example, if player A draws a red card, A will have to land on the next red box in the path.

In some variations where older players want to make the game more strategic, they keep the option to retreat. In this way, they can take advantage of a previously missed shortcut or skip an upcoming hurdle. In this case, A can also choose to land on the previous red box, especially if it has a shortcut sprouting out of it.

Double The Pace

This is a special case when a player draws a card with two squares of the same color and gets to double the pawn’s pace, quite literally. This means the player has to advance to the second box of the corresponding color on the card.

So let’s say A is currently on a red box and draws a card with 2 pink squares, A will skip through the immediate next pink square and position the pawn on the second one on the path.

Picture Imperfect

This is another special case when a player draws a card with a picture and has to advance towards the very picture, wherever it is nearest, on the board. The player will have to move forward or backward regardless of the distance from the current position.

So if player A is nearing the end but draws a picture card that is printed on a box near the beginning, A has to go back there and play all over again. If a player gets lucky, a converse situation can also be on the cards!

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Cut Through The Chase

Here comes the shortcut which is usually only limited to two on a regular Candyland board. It’s easy to miss among the pictures so be careful to use it when you land on the adjacent box. A shortcut can help you cut through the race and reach the finish line first.

Skip A Turn Or Skip The Skip

Skip is the ‘hurdle’ we have been talking about and the only challenge to the game. Skip means the player has to skip the turn and is indicated generally by a cross. There are a total of three skips on the entire path so it is pretty easy to skip through the skip unscathed.

As discussed above, in the relatively challenging variations, players can also choose to retreat backward to skip a skip and hope they make up for the lost spaces in the next turn. This move can be very tricky and can put the player at a great disadvantage.

Enjoy The Candies

The player who lands on the Candyland first wins the game. The color doesn’t matter here, as long as the player doesn’t have any more squares to hop on to.

If A is 3 spaces (red, blue, and green) away from Candyland and draws an orange card, A wins. In this position, any card that is NOT red, blue, or green will lead A to the Candyland since there are no more spaces that A can occupy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Candyland the board game

Can Grown-Ups Enjoy Candyland the board game?

While the ideal age group for Candyland is preschoolers aged 3-6, grownups and even adults can enjoy the game by adding a slight variation. Drawing two cards at a time can add that element of strategy wherein the players must decide which of the four scenarios (forward and backward for each color) will be most beneficial for them.

What Does A Licorice Rope On The Candyland Board Indicate?

A licorice rope on the Candyland board is an equivalent of a cross on a Hasbro Candyland board or a brown dot on some other brand’s board. The symbol indicates that the player has to skip the next turn and wait for all the players to draw twice before continuing.

What Does The Rainbow Square Indicate In Candyland?

A rainbow square is like a wild card. This gives the player a chance to pick any color of their choice and move that many places forward. This is perhaps the only little bit of strategy that the game involves, as the players have to make a decision considering all the shortcuts, skips, and pictures that they might encounter on their way forward or backward.

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How do you play the new Candy Land? ›

Draw a card on your turn and move your pawn according to the color on the card. Lose a turn if you land on a licorice space, or jump forward on a shortcut. Win the game by reaching the candy castle first. Add optional rules to simplify the game for young kids and add a challenge for older players.

What is the objective of Candy Land? ›

THE OBJECT OF THE GAMEis to travel through “Candy Land” along the path of colored spaces. The moves are made according to colored squares or picture cards drawn by the players. TO START THE GAME, shuffle the cards well. Place them in a pile face down within easy reach of all players.

How do you win the board game Candy Land? ›

You only have to draw one color that is on the rainbow. You do not have to collect the entire rainbow to win the game.

Who goes first on Candy Land? ›

The youngest player goes first. Play then passes to the left. On your turn, draw one card from the deck and then move your Gingerbread Character pawn as directed below.

What does Candy Land teach kids? ›

Candyland is an all-time classic! While playing Candyland, children are working on turn-taking, social skills, counting, handling disappointment (when they get a card that sends them back a few steps), understanding directions and following rules.

What is Candy Land board game? ›

GREAT GAME FOR LITTLE ONES: The Candy Land board game features colored cards, sweet destinations, and fun illustrations that kids love. Sweet version of the classic boardgame features a race to the castle. You encounter all kinds of delicious surprises. Includes gameboard, 4 pawns, card deck and instructions.

What are the black dots in Candy Land? ›

When a player lands on a colored square with a black dot, he or she must remain stuck there until that color is drawn again. If a player is lucky enough to land on a space at the beginning of a shortcut, they may bypass all of the spaces in between. Candy Land has had several makeovers througout the years.

Is there any skill in Candy Land? ›

Candy Land is a game involving no skill, just chance. The outcome is decided by the shuffle. There are no decisions since every move is dictated by the cards. The outcome of the game is set in stone before the first card is drawn.

How many players do you need for Candy Land? ›

Candy Land is a simple two to four-player game where each player races to the castle. Draw cards and move your piece to the corresponding color or picture.

What does the pink mean on Candy Land? ›

For example, if you draw a candy cane/mr. mint card, move your pawn to the pink space on the board that shows the candy cane.

What is the name of the queen in Candy Land? ›

Originally known as 'Queen Frostine', Princess Frostine is married to King Kandy, and their daughter is Princess Lolly.

Who is the king in Candyland? ›

King Kandy is the king of Candy Land and the main tritagonist. The ultimate objective of the Candy Land game is to reach his home, Candy Castle, and the first person who does so is considered the "winner".

What is the story of Candy Land? ›

This is the story of the game "Candy Land," where a gingerbread boy named Jib, as he travels the Rainbow Road in search of the annual Sweet Celebration only to discover that the nefarious Lord Licorice has hatched a plan to turn the brightly colored land into a licorice-hued expanse.

How long does a game of Candy Land last? ›

15–21 minutes

What age is Candy Land good for? ›

Hasbro Candy Land Game, for 2 to 4 Players, Board Game for Kids Ages 3 and up -

What are the different places in Candy Land? ›

  • Molasses Swamp.
  • Chocolate Mountain.
  • Gingerbread Plum Tree.
  • Lemon Lime Springs.

What is the Swamp in Candy Land? ›

Molasses Swamp is a location in the original 1949 version of Candy Land. The 1984 redesign established it as the home of Gloppy, a molasses monster. It would later be renamed the Chocolate Swamp, and then eventually replaced by Chocolate Mountain.

Why is there white stuff on my Dots candy? ›

It's called “bloom” and it's caused by fats or sugar from the chocolate.

What is the code for Candy Land? ›

Losh's Candyland Zone Wars 6372-8879-7739 By Losh - Fortnite.

Is Candy Land a two player game? ›

Ages 3 and up. For 2 to 4 players.

What country is Candy Land in? ›

CandyLand, currently the largest confectionery brand in Pakistan, started its operations on June 21, 1988. The foundations for the first production plant were laid down on 1 acre of land, and the first brand was launched in 1990.

How many Candy Land characters are there? ›

It retains Mr. Mint, Lord Licorice, Princess Lolly, Princess Frostine, King Candy, and Gramma Nutt. The Gingerbread game pieces are replaced with four sweet characters: Mally Mallow, Twirly Girl, Cutie Cone, and Giggly Gumdrop.

How popular is Candy Land today? ›

Candy Land is a more than 70-year-old game that continues to sell over a million copies a year, so clearly the basics are still appealing. Young children and their families are still drawn to the rainbow ribbons of squares with tantalizing candy-themed adventures.

How old is Mr mint? ›

He was 70-years old. If you were a collector in the 1980s and '90s, you knew Alan Rosen. Or at least knew of him.

How many cards does Candy Land have? ›

Note that the official rules state there are 64 cards. Since we have lost some (it's a kids game, after all), I counted what we have left. It looks like there are 8 copies of each single color card (48 in all), 2 copies of each double card (12 in all) and 6 character cards.

How do you play Candy Land Giant edition? ›

SIMPLE RULES, NO READING REQUIRED: Spin the Lollipop Spinner and move to that color. Reach a Neighborhood and collect a Card. First player to collect 4 Cards and reach King Kandy's Castle wins and gets to wear the foam crown!

Are there different versions of Candy Land? ›

Hasbro produces several versions of the game and treats it as a brand. For example, it markets Candy Land puzzles, a travel version, a personal computer game, and a handheld electronic version. Candy Land was involved in one of the first disputes over Internet domain names in 1996.

What are the different lands in Candy Land? ›

  • Molasses Swamp.
  • Chocolate Mountain.
  • Gingerbread Plum Tree.
  • Lemon Lime Springs.

What does the licorice mean in Candy Land? ›

Lord Licorice is an unsavory resident and main antagonist of Candy Land. Out of all the characters of Candy Land, Lord Licorice is the only one who is considered inherently evil. He is often trying to take over Candy Land and turn everything into licorice.

What is the Swamp in Candyland? ›

Molasses Swamp is a location in the original 1949 version of Candy Land. The 1984 redesign established it as the home of Gloppy, a molasses monster. It would later be renamed the Chocolate Swamp, and then eventually replaced by Chocolate Mountain.

How many of each card are in Candy Land? ›

Note that the official rules state there are 64 cards. Since we have lost some (it's a kids game, after all), I counted what we have left. It looks like there are 8 copies of each single color card (48 in all), 2 copies of each double card (12 in all) and 6 character cards.


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