FF14 How To Enter Dungeon Solo (2022)

FF14 How To Play MahjongThere is Mahjong in Final Fantasy XIV? In fact, yes there is!Mahjong is a mini-game that is available to play in Final Fantasy XIV. In FF14, they are adopting the Japanese style of mahjong. It may look like a complicated game at first glance, but once you get the hang of it, even you can be a...0 comments

[Top 10] FF14 Best Boss Music We LoveHave you ever imagine how would a game be without music?More often than not, Background Music appears as an underrated element in the game. However, as a musician, I know for sure, music that compliments well with the game boosts the overall experience of playing the game itself. It is an...0 comments

[Top 10] FF14 Best Solo Classes To PlayBy definition, the term "MMORPG" begins with two words, ‘Massively Multiplayer.’ This means that it is almost unavoidable that your gameplay experience will involve other people. Final Fantasy XIV, however, is different.The game contains an MSQ, or main story quest, which is a singular,...0 comments

FF14 How To Hide Hotbar NumbersTo hide or not to hide ‘tis the question...The hotbars in Final Fantasy XIV for some reason are numbered. I don’t think there is use or any function to it other than maybe some aesthetic reason. I can’t think of any other reason than to let you know how many hotbars you are currently having...0 comments

FF14 How To Augment Artifact ArmorsThe artifact gears can be really cool, but oof?! It can’t be dyed?!Such a bummer isn’t it? But don’t let yourself down first because as a matter of fact, it can be dyed, just not instantly, there is a process to be done. First, you need to complete a certain quest, and then, you need to have...0 comments

[Top 5] FF14 Best Trust PartyUpon reaching Shadowbringers, I trust you have heard of the Trust System?The Trust System was first introduced in Shadowbringers, the system will allow you to challenge dungeons from the Main Scenario Quests with a party of allied NPC. The party’s composition remains the same: a tank, a healer...0 comments

[Top 9] FF14 Best Melee DPS (Ranked)When it comes to DPS, Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV fall into three categories. Physical ranged, Caster and Melee. These, of course, are meant to accommodate all kinds of playstyles, but with nineteen jobs available, choosing the right one can be a mountainous task, which is why today, we’ll be picking...0 comments

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FF14 How To Hide WeaponIs the weapon part of the glamour or ruin the glamour?If it ruins the glamour it is better to hide it, no? A funny moment occurs to me when I was the bride in the Eternal Bonding Ceremony. I forgot to hide my weapon and when the cutscene plays, I entered the chapel as the bride with a weapon on...0 comments

FF14 How To Unlock BozjanShadowbringer Relic Weapon? Where is it? Where can I find it?The Relic Weapon you are looking for is in the Bozjan Southern Front. “What is a Bozjan Southern Front”, you may ask? A quick explanation will suffice then. Bozjan Southern Front is an instanced area, similar to Eureka, where up to 72...0 comments

FF14 White Mage Rotation GuideYour role may be green, but you cannot hide the gushing red coming out from it. Are you ready for the Lilies?White Mage also known as Glare Mage is an advanced class of Conjurer. The art of Conjury hails from Gridania where they are led by Padjal, chosen of the elementals. Padjal looks like a...0 comments

FF14 How To Hide HeadgearAre these headgears covering your beauty? Or the lower level headgears in Final Fantasy XIV is fugly?Ahahaha! You can say that again! But no worries! If you don’t have any low-level glamour to cover them, there is always a solution, which is...to hide them! It’s even better if you have a great...0 comments

FF14 Endwalker Best Ways To Level Up Fast [Top 5 Ways]Shadowbringers made us laugh, cry and face the hardest raids to boot in the franchise, and we finally made our way to Endwalker. Daunted by the task to level up our classes, here are the top 5 ways to level up fast in FFXIV’s new expansion.The critically-acclaimed MMORPG which offers a...0 comments

FF14 Paladin Rotation GuideDo you know that the Warrior of Light became a Paladin in the Endwalker expansion?For centuries, the elite of the Sultansworn has served as personal bodyguards to the royal family of Ul’dah. Starting this class as Gladiator, make your way to level 30 and become a Paladin. To be a Paladin is to...0 comments

FF14 How To Hide Chat/Log WindowNeed a more wide view during battle? Or simply hiding it to take screenshots?Not a problem! Do you know you can always hide your ‘Log Window’? Yes, you can! And here is how!How to hide log window:Right-click on the tab of the ‘Log Window’,Select ‘Hide Log Window’,Ta-...0 comments

[Top 5] FF14 Best Triple Triad Decks That Are ExcellentHave you ever heard of the Triple Triad?Triple Triad was first introduced in Final Fantasy VIII and is part of the mini-game you can play in Final Fantasy XIV. There are currently more than 300 cards available to collect for the Triple Triad. In Final Fantasy XIV, you can challenge your friend...0 comments

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[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS for Raids - What's the Best DPS to Play?What would be the best DPS for doing raids in FF XIV?There are various types of raids in Final Fantasy XIV, the 8 men raids and the many men raids are raids based on the number of participants. There are also raids based on difficulties, like normal raids, savage raids, and ultimate raids. In...0 comments

FF14 How To Enter Palace of The DeathHave some free time before the release on Endwalker? May I suggest trying Deep Dungeon?Have you heard of Deep Dungeon? The deep dungeon is an ever-changing dungeon, where the map is ever-changing, with the ever-same objective. Your objective is not to clear the floor but proceed to the next one...0 comments

[Top 10] FF14 Best Beast Tribe Story!Are you ready for the coming Endwalker Beast Tribe Quests? Or have you not done any yet?I heard that there are already two confirmed Beast Tribes prepared for Endwalker, but on which patch they are coming is still a mystery. If you haven't done any Beast Tribe Quests yet, you do not have to...0 comments

FF14 How To DesynthesisDo you know what Desynthesis is?New to the world of crafting? Or wondering what does a desynthesizable item mean? Worry not for you have come to the right place! I’m going to explain to you what desynthesis is and how to unlock it!First of all, what is desynthesis? It is a method to break...0 comments

FF14 How To Equip TitlesHave you seen people walking around with cool titles, and wondering where you can display yours?If you answer yes, the solution is simple, let’s display your own title! Titles are acquired when you have accomplished something in the game, including reaching certain progress in Main Scenario...0 comments

[Top 15] FF14 Best Hairstyles That Look Freakin' Awesome!Did you know that there are hairstyles you can collect other than the basic ones provided when you first created your character?The answer is yes! There are Hairstyles you can collect! Some are in-game, and some others are limited for purchase in MogStation. As someone very picky about...0 comments

FF14 How To DiveDid you know that you can ‘dive’ in the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV online that has a free trial up to level 60 including the Heavensward expansion with no restriction on playtime?Do you like to watch the beauty of the ocean, and like to imagine how it would look like? What if...0 comments

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FF14 How To Extra MateriaFor melding, you may require Disciple of Hands to do it, but for extracting? Anyone can do it!You may have noticed that materia is important for additional status, but how does one own so many materia without farming it? Well, the answer is by extracting it from your long worn equipment. Before...0 comments

[Top 5] FF14 Best Red Mage Food (And How To Get Them)!This one is special for Red Mage! Welcome to the food guide for Rez Mage!For all excellent Red Mages out there, you will need these meals to make you even more awesome! Let’s dig in to eat!5. Coconut Cod Chowder (iLevel 545)A Near Eastern soup, brimming with shallows cod simmered in...0 comments

FF14 How To Dye ArmorDo you have some dyes but no idea how to use them?Dyeing is another feature in Final Fantasy XIV, they are important to express fashion—the one and true end game—and to do the fashion week for easy MGP. But how does one unlock this feature and dye their items? Well, you’ve come to the right...0 comments

FF14 How To EmoteDid people just wave at you? Or did they smile at you? Did you panic because you don’t know how to reply?There is so many emote in Final Fantasy XIV, these people even make a short movie out of it! It is crazy what people can do with it, from role-playing, to...well you know! If you haven’t...0 comments

[Top 10] FF14 Best DPS For Max Damage (6.28)With the second savage tier of Endwalker complete and a new Ultimate on the way, it’s only natural that players want to know what’s the best DPS job. Of course, no DPS is infallible, and Final Fantasy XIV is a game designed so that anybody can play what they want when they want. Still, if you...0 comments

[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS FoodWelcome to class Food Benefit 101!In this article, we are going to discuss what is the current best meal for DPS. Before we start, you should know that in Final Fantasy XIV, meals will give you an extra 3% experience and additional status depends on what you eat for a 30 minutes duration. You...0 comments

FF14 How To Decorate ApartmentEver heard of Housing (Savage) in Final Fantasy XIV?That is probably why a lot of the Warrior of Light does not own a house but instead an apartment. Once you get your apartment, how are you going to decorate it?To answer that question I will first answer the types of furniture you can get...0 comments

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FF14 How To Play MusicHave you some Orchestrion Roll? Been using it but have no idea what it does?Orchestrion rolls are part of the collectables in Final Fantasy XIV, you can get achievements from it and listen to the music you like in your personal space. If you haven’t known already, here is how you play the...0 comments

FF14 Endwalker Best Healer Revealed (Ranked Good To Best)As in all MMORPGs, healers in Final Fantasy XIV are as important to party compositions as thumbs are to hands. In Final Fantasy XIV, the healer roles fall into two distinct categories. Shield healers, focus on healing and mitigating damage through the use of shields and buffing abilities, and pure...0 comments

[Top 5] FF14 Best Tank FoodWho doesn’t need a consistent three-times-a-day meal?We all need that daily nutrition to cover, right? And in Final Fantasy XIV, the meals ‘nutritions’ are specified for each role. Whether you main Melee DPS, Magic DPS, Healer, or Tank you need to know what are the best meals for you! The...0 comments

FF14 How To Delete CharacterDo you know you can make up to 8 characters in one server?Is it not enough? Or do you happen to make a typo on the nickname? Well, if that is the case or there is not enough slot or even if you are playing with the ‘Entry’ membership tier, then you would probably consider deleting a character...0 comments

FF14 How To PentameldWell, well, what do we have here! Ah! So, you want to know more about penta-melding?Alright, you seem worthy of the knowledge! Without further delay, let me first explain what Penta-melding is!Penta-melding, also known as advanced melding or overmelding, is a technique that allows you to...0 comments

FF14 Endwalker Best Tank Revealed (All Tanks Ranked Good To Best)The backbone of every MMO party, Tanks are the ever-present meat shields responsible for drawing the boss’s attention while the DPS deals damage and healers manage the party’s health. Final Fantasy XIV has the benefit that it allows players a choice between four different tanks, but which tank is...0 comments

[Top 10] FF14 Best Items To SellWe all need Gil!Why do we need Gil? So we can spend it all on all the fashion gears we want, I mean.. Gil is essential to live in Final Fantasy XIV, well not really, your character can still live without food, but you get the point, right? There are many ways to farm Gil, you can get it from...0 comments

FF14 How To Hide UISo many things are displayed on your screen and it’s making you unable to track the fight?This is not a problem in Final Fantasy XIV, where you can keep up to 4 HUD layout settings depending on your need. Displaying and emphasizing the right UI during a fight or leisure is important. UI stands...0 comments

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