Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (2022)

Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (1)



Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (2)

An important element in throwing a successful candy birthdayparty is the visuals. To create a visual feast for the eyes and themouth consider some of these DIY candy party decoration ideas:

  • Giant M&Ms Use red, blue, and yellow paper platesto create this easy candy decoration. Cut big M’s out of white paperand glue one on each plate, next put a hole at the top of each plate,string a ribbon through them and hang them from the ceiling.
  • Big bowls of candy everywhere Come on it’s a candy party, need I say more.
  • Candy Lights String white Christmas lights through the party area. Decorate lights with a variety of candies.
  • Giant Floating Candy create fun floatingcandies by wrapping helium balloons in different colored cellophane andtying twisting it around the ends.
  • Lollipop Banquets Fill a vase with oversized lollipops
  • Giant lollipops line the entrance with giantlollipops. To make stick tape balloons onto wrapping papertubes(painted white, then wrap balloons with clear cellophane and tiesecure cellaphane at the top of the tube.
  • Giant Cupcake To create this fun decorationuse a lamp shade, one that resembles a cupcake line and use a hot gluegun and wooden kabob skewers to attach a foam pool noodle to the insideand twist it up to resemble swirling icing. Top with a small redballoon for a cherry!
  • Cotton Candy Clouds Purchase a couple yardsof batting at your local fabric store and spray paint it pink to createcotton candy. Drape it from the ceiling to create the cloud effect.For even more fun have jellybean rain drops falling from it.
  • Jellybean Raindrops Unbend a whitepaperclip half way, stick end through jellybean and tie clear fishingline through the other end of the paperclip. Connect the other end ofthe string on the ceiling and make it appear as if it is falling fromthe cotton candy clouds. Make a couple dozen and have them hanging atdifferent lengths.
  • Candy Replica’s Recreate your favorite candy packages using poster board, markers, and some creative elbow grease.

Now that you’ve set the mood with a fun candy themedatmosphere, you’re going to need some fun candy theme party games!Scroll down for some awesome DIY candy party games!

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Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- gummy bear pie contest -

Put five gummies at the bottom of every pie tin (or paper plate) andcover with whip cream. Each player takes their place in front of a pie.At the start of go everyone places their hands behind their back anddives face first into their pie. The first player to retrieve and eatall five gummy bears claims victory!

Have your camera ready to take loads of hilarious pics!

Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (3)

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- Taste the rainbow -

Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (4)

Arm everyone playing with a drinking straw and a plastic cup. Pour abig bag of skittles (or more) onto a clean table. Write each player’sname on their cup and line the cups up away from the skittles table.

On the start of go all the players must rush to suck a skittleonto their straw and race it over to blow it into their cup. They cannever touch the candy with their hands. Play time is three minutes, atthe end of this time whoever has collected the most skittles wins!

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- Candy Scavenger Relay Race -

Before the party begins prepare a tub, box, or kiddie pool full of candybars and filler such as tissue paper, Easter grass, or somethingsimilar. Divide players into two teams. Line the teams up at thestarting line. Place the candy tub on at the finish line.

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Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (5)

Hand each team a copy of the candy clues( find free list here).The first player from each team must run to the tub and retrieve thecorrect candy bar that matches the first clue and return. The nextplayer rushes to receive the candy bar that the second clue matches andso on until all the clue answers have been retrieved. The first teamthat completes their list claims victory.

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- pudding slide -

For a really wild and messy time cover a tarp with chocolatepudding and see who has the courage to slip and slide through it. Seewho can slide the farthest, or spin the most. Have a pudding sockwrestling match. This is where two people face off each wearing onesock. The person who gets their sock taken off first loses!

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- Candy necklaces -

This is a perfect icebreaker or activity to have ready for when guestsfirst arrive. Set up a variety of bowls filled with different candythat can be put on string to create edible jewelry. Make sure toprovide enough large needles, clear craft line, and scissors. Let yourguests show off their creativity and create some fun party wear at thesame time. Some good candy choices are:

Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (7)

  • Anything in rings such as lifesavers or peachie-O’s.
  • Gummy candies of all kinds.These can be strung on a necklace or bracelet using the needles.
  • Tootsie rolls and tootsie roll like candies

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- m&M Mouth -

Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (8)

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Have everyone sit in a circle and place a big bowl of M&M’s in themiddle. The first person, WITHOUT LOOKING, reaches in and pulls out twoM&M’s. If the colors match they can eat them, if they do not theyhave to put them in their mouth and hold them their until their turncomes around again. They will have another chance to choose matchingcandies. Again if they do not match then they must be stuffed in themouth, but not eaten.

Every player continues to play in this manner, making sure not tochew or swallow any of their candy until they draw matches. There isreally no point to this game except the comical amusement that comeswith watching others mouths become fuller and fuller with candy theycannot eat.

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- Chocolate head -

Divide guests into pairs. One person in each pair puts a shower cap overtheir hair and covers it in chocolate syrup. The partners from eachpair stand about five feet away and have two minutes to try and throwmini marshmallows onto the chocolate head.

When the time has run out whichever chocolate head has the mostmarshmallows stuck to their cap wins! A fun and hilarious candy partygame.

Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (9)

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- jelly bean mountain -

Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (10)

To play this messy party game you will first create a mountain likemound of flour. This is best done on a cookie sheet or wax paper to makeclean up easier. Flatten the peak of the mound a little and gentlyplace a jellybean or jelly belly on top.

TO PLAY: Players take turns removing a spoonful of flour eachfrom the flour mound. They must try not to let the jellybean drop, buteventually it will. The player that is responsible must dive face firstinto the flour to find and eat the jelly bean, no hand allowed.


Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- chocolate bar race -

This game is simply hysterical. Give every player a Hershey candy barstill in its wrapper. The object of the game is easy, simply unwrapyour candy bar and eat it. The catch is you have to do it without usingyour hands. Good Luck!

Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (11)

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- Biggest Bubble -

Candy Birthday Party DIY Ideas and Theme Games (12)

Pass out the bubble yum gum and see who can:

  • Blow the first bubble.
  • Blow the biggest bubble.
  • Hold their bubble the longest.

Yep, easy, simple, and so much fun!


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What kind of games can you play in a birthday party? ›

26 Birthday Party Games for Kids to Get the Party Started (And Keep It Going)
  • Pass The Parcel. ...
  • Water Balloon Toss. ...
  • Hide And Seek. ...
  • Treasure Hunt. ...
  • Musical Chairs. ...
  • Charades. ...
  • Pictionary. ...
  • Red Rover.
18 Aug 2021

What themes can I do for my birthday? ›

32 Party theme ideas perfect for your next celebration!
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme. ...
  • 70′s disco, 80′s retro, or 90′s pop theme. ...
  • Arabian Nights Theme. ...
  • Black and White Ball Theme. ...
  • Bond 007 Theme. ...
  • Bollywood Theme. ...
  • Burlesque Theme. ...
  • Casino & Vegas Theme.
24 Aug 2017

How do you entertain a 7 year old at a party? ›

15 party games for seven year olds
  • Scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are great because you can adapt them to your theme and surroundings and they don't involve too much supervision! ...
  • Dress-up relay. ...
  • Limbo. ...
  • Duck, duck, goose. ...
  • Obstacle course. ...
  • Tug of war. ...
  • What time is it Mr Wolf? ...
  • Balloon forfeits.
15 Feb 2022

What are some fun game ideas? ›

  • Actors. Players 'react' to a made up scenario and others have to guess what it is.
  • Back Draw. Players try to guess the word that their teammate is drawing on a piece of paper on their back.
  • Back Up. ...
  • Bite the Bag. ...
  • Blindman's Swag. ...
  • Charades. ...
  • Cherry Pie. ...
  • Dizzy Bat.
15 Dec 2021

What is the 7 minute party game? ›

Two people are selected to go into a closet or other dark enclosed space and do whatever they like for seven minutes. It is common for the participants to kiss or make out, but they may instead choose to talk, engage in sexual activity, or simply do nothing at all and wait for the time to expire.

What are the most popular party themes 2022? ›

If you're digging for some awesome birthday themes to try, check out this list of the top 15 best of 2022!
  1. The Music of Your Life. ...
  2. Go Back in Time with a Roaring 20s Party. ...
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  6. Under the Sea. ...
  7. It's Time for a Talent Show! ...
  8. Birthday Themes: Adults-Only Cocktail Party.
16 Aug 2022

What is the most popular party theme? ›

The 20 Most Popular Party Themes for Kids and Adults
  • Fiesta Theme Party.
  • Hollywood Theme Party.
  • Mermaid Theme Party.
  • Paris Themed Party.
  • Unicorn Theme Birthday Party.
  • 2000 Theme Party.
  • Sports Themed Party.
  • Princess Theme Party.

How do you play the chocolate game? ›

  1. Place the chocolate on the plate with the knife and fork.
  2. Students sit in a circle on the floor surrounding the chocolate.
  3. The students each take turns rolling the die. ...
  4. The remaining students continue to take turns to roll the die until one of them rolls a '6'. ...
  5. The game ends when there is no chocolate left.

What is a fun party game? ›

1. Mirror Charades. "Just like charades, but two people go up instead of one. One person knows what they are acting out and performs the charade behind everyone trying to guess. The other person does not know, and simply mimics the first person, since they are the only one who can see them.

How do you play What's the time Mr Wolf? ›

The children must ask the wolf “What time is it Mr Wolf?” The wolf then says a time e.g. “It is 3 o Clock”, the children take three steps towards the wolf. The children repeat the question “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” and move forward each time.

Who goes first in Candy Land? ›

The youngest player goes first. Play then passes to the left. On your turn, draw one card from the deck and then move your Gingerbread Character pawn as directed below.

What are the black dots in Candy Land? ›

When a player lands on a colored square with a black dot, he or she must remain stuck there until that color is drawn again. If a player is lucky enough to land on a space at the beginning of a shortcut, they may bypass all of the spaces in between. Candy Land has had several makeovers througout the years.

What are fun homemade games? ›

Home made games ideas for children
  • Out and About Bingo. ...
  • Paper Towel Roll and Pom-Pom Challenge. ...
  • Indoor Bowling. ...
  • Sticky Spiderwebs. ...
  • Homemade Jigsaw Puzzle. ...
  • Monster Dice.

What are the 5 most popular games right now? ›

Most Popular PC Games – Global
  • Overwatch 1 & 2. Blizzard Entertainment. ...
  • The Sims 4. Electronic Arts. ...
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  • League of Legends. Riot Games. ...
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve. -
  • Valorant. Riot Games.

What are the top 10 most popular games? ›

The 10 Most Popular Games Right Now
  • Minecraft.
  • Fortnite.
  • Fall Guys.
  • League of Legends.
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.
  • CrossFire.
  • Roblox.
  • Lost Ark.
9 Aug 2022

What is the smile game? ›

Pick one person to be the first “it”. The rest of the boys circle around “it”. “It” selects a player and walks up to him. “It” asks the player, “Honey, do you love me?,” and the person being asked must answer, “Honey, I love you, but I just can't smile.”

What is the MR judge game? ›

One student stands in front with their back to the class. The teacher points to one student who has to say “Hello, Mr. Judge” and the student in front has to guess who it is.

What is the best game to play at a party? ›

10 Best Party Games
  • Playfully Call Out Friends and Family: Who's Most Likely To…
  • Best Picture Card Game: What Do You Meme?
  • Get to Know Friends and Family Better: Brain Freeze.
  • Best Interactive Game: Twister Ultimate.
  • Best for an Acquired Sense of Humor: Cards Against Humanity.
  • Best for Families: Jenga Giant.
24 Feb 2022

What is the theme in 2022? ›

The 2022 year focus is “Vulnerable People”. Theme 2022: “Universal Social Protection to End Child Labour.”
Important Day and Theme 2022.
30 SeptemberInternational Translation DayTheme 2022: 'A world without barriers'.
35 more rows
20 Oct 2022

What are fun ideas for a birthday party? ›

Check Out These 15 Creative Birthday Party Ideas
  • Rent a birthday party venue on Peerspace. Source: Peerspace. ...
  • Throw a costume party. Source: Peerspace. ...
  • Host a movie screening. Source: Peerspace. ...
  • Go glamping! Source: Peerspace. ...
  • Visit an escape room. Source: Peerspace. ...
  • Take a tour. ...
  • Plan a photoshoot. ...
  • Have a craft party.

How do I make a party vibe at home? ›

To have a good house party, make a killer playlist in advance so you can play great music all night without having to think of good songs on the spot. You should also come up with a few games or activities to play, like cards, karaoke, or beer pong if you're old enough, so your guests don't get bored.

How do I make sure everyone has fun at a party? ›

Party Tips to Entertain your Guests
  1. TIP #1: Do Not Plan It All by Yourself!
  2. TIP #2: An Attractive Guest Group!
  3. TIP #3: An Energetic Music Playlist!
  4. TIP #4: Pensive Details!
  5. TIP #5: Delicious Food Servings!
  6. TIP #6: Super Sizzling Cocktails!
  7. TIP #7: A Surprise Element!
  8. TIP #8: Activities for Group Bonding!
15 Jul 2021

How do I make my party more lively? ›

Check it out:
  1. Create an Enticing Invitation.
  2. Invite an Interesting Group of Guests.
  3. Use Festive Décor.
  4. Lighting is Super Important.
  5. Create a Lively Playlist.
  6. Incorporate Thoughtful Details.
  7. Offer Mouthwatering Food.
  8. Serve a Mix of Cocktails.
1 Jun 2021

What are some themes ideas? ›

6 Common Themes in Literature
  • Good vs. evil.
  • Love.
  • Redemption.
  • Courage and perseverance.
  • Coming of age.
  • Revenge.
20 Aug 2021

What themes do kids like? ›

Kids Party Themes
  • Birthday.
  • Favorite Characters.
  • Disney.
  • Animal.
  • Mermaid.
  • Unicorn.
  • Video Game.
  • Superhero.

How do I make my party unique? ›

7 Tips on How to Host a Cool Party ...
  1. 1 Get Some Neat Lighting. While knowing how to host a party includes lots of different things, lighting is a big part of that list! ...
  2. 2 Have Good Food. ...
  3. 3 Get Some Entertainment Options. ...
  4. 4 Play Some Tunes. ...
  5. 5 Mix and Mingle. ...
  6. 6 Do Something Unexpected. ...
  7. 7 Make Sure Your Guests Are Comfortable.

How do you play the teddy bear game? ›

Each player chooses a picnic blanket board and places it in front of them. The teddy bear cards and the picnic basket picture cards are shuffled, then spread out, face down, in the centre of the table. To collect the most teddy bears on your picnic blanket before the picnic basket picture is completed.

How do you play the skittles game? ›

Players knock down skittles by throwing the balls at the skittles. Points are scored for knocking skittles down, and the winner is the team with the highest score. Skittles, also known as nine pins has been played for over 500 years in England.

What is Donkey game? ›

The game is played the same way as the traditional Old Maid. Instead of matching pictures, the players match words, reading the word each time they get a matched pair. The goal is to avoid being the one holding the Donkey card when the game ends. Shuffle the cards and deal them all, face down, to the players.

What is the umbrella party game? ›

The main person would name something that cannot go under his umbrella and then something that can go under it. The point of the game is for the people who don't get it to figure out what can and can't go under the umbrella. If you say say ummmmmm... then say anything else, it can go under the umbrella.

What are small group games? ›

The 10 Best Icebreaker Games for Small Groups (Updated)
  • 1) Who am I?
  • 2) Word Chains.
  • 3) 1000 Blank White Cards.
  • 4) Interview Game.
  • 5) Four Corners.
  • 6) Fabulous Flags.
  • 7) Helium Stick.
  • 8) Empires.
10 Nov 2022

How do you play what time is it Mr Shark? ›

Shark stands away from the side of the pool facing the fish he plans to eat for dinner. Then he turns his back as the fish yell, “Mr. Shark, what time is it?” The shark can say 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, etc. Each number corresponds to the number of steps toward the Shark they will take.

How do you play sheep and wolf? ›

Mark a large square or rectangular field; use four marker cones or other markers to set the playing area's boundaries. Choose four or five students to be "wolves." The rest of the students will be "sheep." Blow a whistle or call out to start the game. The wolves must catch the sheep.

How many people can play Candy Land? ›

Candy Land
PublishersMilton Bradley Company Hasbro Winning Moves Games USA
Setup time1–3 minutes
Playing time15–21 minutes
4 more rows

When was sorry invented? ›

A simple game where players try to move around the board faster than their opponents, Sorry! was trademarked on May 21, 1929, by William Henry Storey in England. British manufacturer Waddingtons initially sold it before Parker Brothers adopted it in North America.

What does the pink mean on Candy Land? ›

For example, if you draw a candy cane/mr. mint card, move your pawn to the pink space on the board that shows the candy cane.

How do you play giant Candy Land? ›

SIMPLE RULES, NO READING REQUIRED: Spin the Lollipop Spinner and move to that color. Reach a Neighborhood and collect a Card. First player to collect 4 Cards and reach King Kandy's Castle wins and gets to wear the foam crown!

How do you make a fun birthday party at home? ›

16 Great Indoor Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Love
  1. Kids' Painting Party. ...
  2. Hula Hoop Competition. ...
  3. Candy Olympics. ...
  4. Hot Lava Monster. ...
  5. Spa Day. ...
  6. Supervised Food Fight. ...
  7. Music and Listening Birthday Games (Freeze Dance, Simon Says, and Musical Chairs) ...
  8. Stomp the Balloons.
22 Oct 2021

What games make fun indoors? ›

Physical indoor games for kids
  • Dance contest. Materials: music (try this kid-friendly playlist); space to dance. ...
  • Indoor obstacle course. Materials: tables; chairs; soft toys; painter's tape; and your imagination. ...
  • Balance beam. ...
  • Hopscotch. ...
  • Balloon tennis. ...
  • Yoga. ...
  • Three-legged race. ...
  • Potato sack race.
13 Nov 2020

How do you make a small party fun? ›

20 Fun Things to Do at Any Party
  1. 01 of 20. Have a Themed Dance-Off. ...
  2. 02 of 20. Plan an At-Home Trivia Night. ...
  3. 03 of 20. Opt for Board Games. ...
  4. 04 of 20. Turn Your Place into a Casino. ...
  5. 05 of 20. On a Budget? ...
  6. 06 of 20. Put on a Scavenger Hunt. ...
  7. 07 of 20. Throw a Pizza or Cheeseboard Making Party. ...
  8. 08 of 20.
5 Jul 2022

How can I make gatherings more fun? ›

I have noticed that when events have a 'group think' moment EVERYONE likes the event more.
Here's how:
  1. Give a toast or encourage funny toasts.
  2. Play games. I am a huge fan of formal or casual game nights. ...
  3. Food as bonding. There is a reason I really like serving s'mores and fondue at my parties. ...
  4. Use props.

How long should a 7 year old birthday party last? ›

When children are four to seven years old, plan on one and a half hours for the party. By the time children are eight to eleven years old, they can easily handle a two-hour party. Children twelve and up can entertain themselves to some extent, so they will likely want an evening party or sleepover.


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