Bonaventure Always Family Friendly Skating Center And Birthday Parties (2022)

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Michael Brown

I had been to Bonaventure for a kids birthday party last year and was given a few buy-one-get-one-free admission pass cards, So I decided to take my two boys over there today (Saturday morning session).Worst decision EVER. Heres why:1). As others have pointed out, everything is over-priced. Sorry to speak of another rink in a Bonaventure review, but Bonaventure charges $3 for popcorn, a full $2 more than where I normally go - Northland Roller Rink. Same for the hotdogs. Whats with these prices? Am I at the movies?2). Too many games. This is how I know automatically that Bonaventure is not a place for serious skaters. Is this a roller rink or a Chuckee Cheeses?3). The floor is WAY to slick. Its like someone sprinkled baby powder all over it. I noticed a couple of spots on the floor where old polyurethane remained - from the days back when it had a proper finish. Other than that, the floor appears to be virtually bare! This is inexcusable. I couldnt even perform to my fullest today because the floor was to slick for my wheels to grip. Put a proper finish on your floor, Bonaventure!4). The music is awful. Not awful if youre a pre-pubescent girl with no sense of rhythm or pre-adolescent boy on a sugar rush. But insanely, indefensibly, intolerably awful if you came to actually, ummmm, I dont know... SKATE to a comprehensible BEAT!?!?5). The floor guards are a joke. I fully understand that kids just learning to skate will often skate opposite the flow of traffic. Kids are just dense that way. Mine included. But the floor guards did NOTHING to stem the tide of kid after kid after kid who put both themselves and others in harms way by skating blindly into oncoming skaters and cutting across the middle of the floor.6). Which brings me to my final and equally as important critique: The skating "Crutches" they charge $5 for kids to use in a backwards attempt to help teach them balance. I CRINGED when I saw those things. I literally stood there shaking my head watching as unknowing parents put their kids on these things thinking they were doing them a favor. These devices DO NOT teach balance. They teach dependence. Anyone who uses these for prolonged periods of time will develop a dependence which will make it very difficult to learn balance on their own. Parents: This is NOT how your kids will learn to skate. Like modern luxury cars that parallel park themselves (hence, reinforcing and rewarding ones lack of basic driving skills) these walkers will ruin your childs ability to learn for themselves how to balance themselves on skates. Stop worrying about them falling. Thats going to happen. Thats how they learn what not to do.I must add one more point: Bonaventure, stop letting patrons walk across the floor in their shoes. No roller rink worth its salt lets people come out on the floor without skates. Thats Roller Rink 101, people.Finally, let me qualify my comments by saying that I am an old-school free-style roller skater. Quads, never blades. Ive had my boys taking lessons for the past couple of months at the same place I took lessons when I was a kid (Northland Roller Rink), but figured Id give Bonaventure a go this one Saturday. Never again... EVER!


Pamela Valdez

I would like to discourage all my friends, family and parents from ever attending the Bonaventure Family Skating Center in Farmington Hills. I called earlier in the week and asked to set up a birthday party for one of my daughters. I was told to come in "anytime" as long as there was staff in the building to reserve a spot and to give a deposit. I went there this afternoon and there was a older gentleman & two ladies eating at the concession stand. I kindly told them that I was there to reserve for a party and was rudely told by the manager to come back at 8 pm because they were closed. I preceded to tell them that I called earlier and told them what I was told about coming in. I also couldnt come back at 8 pm because I had children to put to bed and if they could make an exception. I then asked if they were the owners and was told that the only person that could set up the party was the manager who was the older lady eating at the concession stand. The manager said that she wasnt going to do it because she was eating and rudely pushed her food away and got up. She obviously made it clear that I was an inconvenience. At this moment, I was appalled by her actions and customer service that we left the building. The whole transaction would have taken literally 5 minutes and that all she needed was my deposit. I did tell her that I would make sure that I would tell everyone of our experience and that they didnt deserve my hard earned money. I have been a small business owner and believe that customer service can make a big difference. No one, especially our children, should have to endure the rude behavior at this establishment.


Joi Alford


We had a surprise birthday party for our son today and our experience with the staff was awesome. Right from the start it was smooth. I left a voicemail message one evening and received a return call from Dan the next morning. Dan and Dave answered all of my questions and were very professional (we actually canceled our reservation with another venue because they werent responding in a timely manner). The remodeling look great. When we arrived, our host, Alex took care of our every need and then some! He went beyond our expectations as a host. He was extremely professional, courteous, and personable. He was very attentive. He kept a smile on his face the whole time (I could tell he had a great spirit). It was great to see a young man take pride and act so professionally. I would recommend Bonaventure as a party venue. The prices are affordable, and the kids had a great time. The staff there this evening were all professional, helpful, and nice. Alex, I commend you. Stay on the right road-you will go far with that attitude!


Jerry Spaulding

I skated at Bonaventure when I was a kid. I have some great memories and made many friends while skating there. I hadnt been there in quite a while but my son turned five and I wanted him to experience a part of my childhood that I really loved. BAD IDEA! I have never had such a negative experience at any place that Ive taken my family, like I did at Bonaventure! There was an older man that was extremely rude. It was obvious that helping us was a total inconvenience and he couldnt have been more obnoxious! I tried to locate a manager and explain the situation but could not find someone who was clearly in charge. I asked three employees if they could point me to the manager, and none could help. After getting something to eat in there over priced snack area, we decided to leave. My son needed to use the bathroom which was generally clean, except for the disgusting toilet filled with feces! Needless to say we will NEVER be back! If you want to go somewhere and have fun with your family...DONT GO HERE!!!!!!


Andrew Fountain

I honestly enjoy this place and hope the best for the members that work there. But, I dont think they should band hockey skates because of one person! And Im not gonna lie, I have done numerous of hockey stops on there old developed floor, but never once did I bring the wood up from the skating floor. I wish they can look at this message and understand my point of view. Ive been coming to Bonaventure for nearly 4 years and now it might be my last because of whats someone else did!!! Little do they realize Im the main reason why many of my peers come there. And yes, some do disrespect Mr.Roger-(manager) but I dont. All Im saying is this..... dont band a specific type of skate that people myself pay over 400$s for because of one person! Just band that one person with their type of skate!- Andrew B. Fountain

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