Best Carp Bedchairs - A Total Fishing Review 2022 (2023)

Best Carp Bedchairs - A Total Fishing Review 2022 (1)

The term bedchair comes from the days when the first beds designed for fishing also doubled as a chair as well. These days the dedicated beds and sleep systems have come a long way from the old garden sun loungers we used to use, more and more fishing brands are delving into the bedchair market and with night or overnight fishing being more popular than ever, we have selected a handful of our best carp bedchairs and sleep systems to keep you comfortable on the bank!

Nash Indulgence Sleep Systems

The sleep system innovators and still some of the most comfortable beds available. The term sleep system refers to an all in one system with a bed and a sleeping bag or cover that stays attached to the bed all the time and Nash were the first to produce them so they know a thing or two about being comfortable while fishing! The new indulgence range provides the very best in bankside comfort for summer and winter fishing. The 4 season version is aimed at the angler who perhaps doesn’t fish in the winter but for those braving the elements, the 5 season version will keep you toasty warm at all times. Available in 3 or 4 eg versions there are a few differences aside from the number of legs the SS3 versions tend to be slightly shorter and lower to the ground, perfect for the anglers who fish under a low brolly or shelter and the SS4 versions are slightly longer and taller allowing you to store items under your bed. Another option with the Indulgence range from Nash is to have either a standard or wideboy width bed. The standard is great and extremely comfortable but the wide versions are a whole new level, of course they take up a bit more room in the bivvy but the comfort factor is worth it. For those who like a LOT of room in bed then the Emperor is the one for you and can comfortable sleep two people! Truly one of the best carp bedchairs

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Fox R Series Sleep System

The next best carp bedchair is the new R Series Sleep System and continues Fox’s tradition of producing excellent bedchairs and sleep systems. Available in one size there are 3 sturdy legs which does leave room at the foot end to store luggage or other items under the bed. What I like about the actual ‘sleeping bit’ is that the bottom is made from polyester allowing you to move about whilst in the bed, but the top layer is made with a toastie warm fleece covering keeping you nice and warm. Fox say the sleep system is rated to 4 season so for those who fish all year round or feel the cold, you might want to add a cover to throw over the top for extra warmth. The flat profile and clever hinge system allows the bed to be stored completely flat when made up, saving room in the car and in storage at home. The mattress has a lumber support and after laying on one of these albeit only for a short period, first impressions were that it is very comfortable. The Fox R Series is a great offering at a fantastic price and a good nights sleep is almost guaranteed!

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Trakker Levelite Oval Bed System

Now, I will be honest here. When I first heard of the oval bed concept from Trakker I was far from convinced, narrow ends and a wider middle section didn’t fill me with confidence. I was wrong! I must admit I went and bought the wide version of this bed system and I can categorically say that in 30 years of fishing overnight, the Trakker Levelite Oval is by far and away the comfiest fishing bed I have ever slept on. The unique shape of the Levelite Oval Bed System allows it to be pushed further into the back of the majority of shelters, giving anglers more usable, covered space inside, which can be used to arrange carryalls, bivvy tables, food bags, bait bucketsand other items in a less cluttered, more easily-accessible manner. The sleeping bag fits perfectly to the frame and the box design gives you loads of room inside. I upgraded to the 5 season version and in the summer I often just lay on top, it’s very warm and I cannot wait for the winter to arrive! The lumber support is fully adjustable and I immediately loosened mine ever so slightly, purely through personal preference. The legs fold flat and the profile, even when folded up, is perfect for fitting in the back of the car, making it one of our best carp bedchair options.

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Solar SP C Tech Sleep System

Solar have made some pretty exciting claims with the C Tech Sleep System but I have to admit I am yet to see one on the flesh to judge. It does look like a well thought out, well made and extremely comfortable bit of kit though. An original feature that I do like is the addition of a peach skin bedchair cover to the package. This combined with the 5 season sleeping bag underneath will keep you warm and dry in the harshest of weathers, plus in the summer you can remove the 5 season bag and simply sleep under the bedchair cover. The double hinge provides a familiar packing down solution and with Solar’s history of well made metal ware I am sure it will be built to last. The mattress is a3D DuraDore™, air-pocketed mattress and I must confess I have no idea what that means but it’s an exclusive feature to Solar. The usual mud feet and sprung lock legs provide a level night sleep on the most awkward of terrain and the unique ultra lumbar support mattress system is said to keep you as straight as a real bed mattress. The C Tech certainly looks the part and the initial feedback from users is very positive indeed, making our list to some of the best carp bedchairs available.

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Wychwood Tactical X Flat Bed

Wychwood might not be best known for their bedchairs but the Tactical X Flat Bed is definitely worth a look if you prefer a bed and bag combo rather than a sleep system. Having laid on one of these and given it a brief test run I can categorically state that the Tactical X Flat Bed is certainly comfortable and that comfort will only be increased with the addition of a sleeping bag. The lumbar support is adjustable and with a bit of tweaking you can find the perfect balance between comfort and firmness. The usual trimmings are all present, fully adjustable legs and flexible mud feet, a frame that allows your sleeping bag to be left in situ and weighing a little over 7kg in the compact size means it won’t break your back getting it in and out of the car. Speaking of sizes, the Tactical X Flat Bed is available in compact, standard and wide sizes to cater for everybody. A great bed at a great price and one of our best carp bedchairs as an all round good bargain.

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JRC Stealth X-Lite Levelbed

The next bed making our best carp bedchair list is the X-Lite Levelbed. JRC have been making decent bedchairs for a lot longer than most people realise and the Stealth range is nothing new. But it has been improved. The X-Lite frame combines lightness without sacrificing strength and support and the levelbed feature means exactly that, this is a true flat bed. Again, the usual refinements are all here, lumbar support, adjustable legs and flexible mud feet but special mention must go to the weight; if you like to travel light or fish venues where barrows are not usable then this is the bed for you. A 6 leg bedchair that weights just 6.5kg! The mattress is super comfy and the frame also allows the sleeping bag to be stored inside the bed. It’s hard to find a lighter bed with the same quality as the Stealth X-Lite.

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JRC Defender Levelbed

Our last offering is the Defender Levelbed from JRC. This bed deserves it’s special mention and it’s place on our list of the best fishing bedchairs because I have actually used one of these for 48hrs when I forgot my own bed and I was very kindly lent a JRC Defender Levelbed and I was very impressed. At the time I didn’t pay it much attention, I was just glad to not be sleeping on my rather smelly and rather damp unhooking mat! It was only when I was packing after my session and returning the bed to it’s rightful owner that I realised just how good it was. I had two great nights sleep, sadly not interrupted by any carp, and it did exactly what I expect from a bedchair. The best bit of course, is that Total Fishing Tackle are offering this beauty for under £70! Yes you heard me right. The JRC Defender is definitely comfortable, adjustable and light enough to not require two people to carry it, for under £70? That’s a bargain in anyone’s language and one of our listed best carp bedchairs

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So there we have our pick of the best carp bedchairs and sleep systems available today. Guaranteed to have you sleeping like a baby (hopefully interrupted by a rather large carp or two!) and as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help or advice.

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