An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (2023)

Where Did the Billionaire Zombies Come From?

During the Great Flippening, more billionaires were created than ever before in history.

But that didn’t last.

It became an era when the world suffered a prolonged series of epic disasters. Disease ravaged the world, North America pretty much caught fire, the entire Gulf of Mexico was in flames from an oil spill, volcanos suddenly erupted in the Indian Ocean (who knew?), and a meteor strike took out Greenland.

You name it, it happened. It was a perfect storm of world disasters, and there are too many to list here. Some turned to their religion. Others spent their resources on failed rockets to Mars. But mostly, people partied like it was the End of the World.

And then, the world went dark.

That brings us to TODAY. The ice begins to melt as the planet realigns its rotational axis and the magnetic field stabilizes.

The Zombies and Skeleton Kings awakened during this Great Thaw and were the only “people” left on the planet. So, now that you’re all caught up on the history of the End of the World, a new Beginning emerges.

You should ask yourself: Do you build a better civilization for all, or do you create a zombie kingdom that only you can rule?

With that, go forth and rebuild a new world in your image!


That is the lore from the game, but I am going to go back further. It was the end of October 2021, and the zombies started coming to life in the form of newly minted ERC 721 NFT's. They sold out all 10,000 zombies on November 12th. (I remember because I bought my first Zombie an hour after they sold out.)

An artist named AxMan J created the zombies, and One,our mysterious benefactor, whom has never been doxxed, was so smitten by the zombies, he formed a unique collaboration with Axman J. He is one of the masterminds behind getting us the game, and the creation of the DAO. (BZC Tokens)

A rather vague statement began to randomly appear within the BZC Discord community. "Remember the assignment." At first I wasn't sure what the assignment was, but I soon figured it out. The developers wanted us to HODL our zombies and covet them for what was yet to come.

An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (1)

Shortly thereafter, things got even more interesting. The Billionaire Zombies Club created their own cryptocurrency called BZC tokens, and made a DAO for the community. When they dropped the BZC tokens, people who held zombies were dropped thousands of BZC tokens for the upcoming game.

When they dropped the BZC tokens, millions were donated to charities sothat they can be purchased from them to be able to be used in the upcoming game.

Then, original members who minted, and still held on to their zombies, were air dropped "Skeleton Keys!"

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2D Skeleton Key

If you own a "Skeleton Key," you were able to mint a "Skeleton King," using the BZC tokens, and if you owned a "Skeleton King," you will be able to become part of the "King's Counsel" The "Skeleton Kings" have a unique utility in game, and have a vote as part of the DAO community.

An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (3)
Skeleton King

Once you spent your BZC tokens with the original "2D Skeleton Key," it turned into a "3D Skeleton Key," which will have future utility and special benefits for the people who hang on to them. "2D Skeleton Keys" can still be purchased, and used to mint a "Skeleton King," but the "3D Skeleton Keys" cannot at this time. To date, the "King's Counsel" has yet to determine what they will be used for in the future. They are still considered to be valuable, and worth holding on to.

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3D Skeleton Key

Barely 2 months into the project, we had our Zombies, Skeleton Keys, Skeleton Kings, and our own DAO, but the developers were not done yet. Soon afterwards we were air dropped Meta Crystals. Another item with utility that would be redeemed with BZC tokens to create new in game items for the game that is still being developed at this time.

An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (5)
Meta Crystal

These are some of the items that were redeemed from the Meta Crystals.

An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (6)
BZC Token Boost
An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (7)
BZC Health

An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (8)
BZC Weapon

They even have a couple of rare mounts. A BZC Steed, and a BZC Vehicle, which kind of looks like a Hummer with a machine gun mounted on it.

An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (9)
BZC Steed

An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (10)
BZC Vehicle

These are probably the most exciting assets available. Some of the Meta Crystals gave a rare drop to some lucky owners, a Castle, or a Mansion!

An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (11)
BZC Castle

An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (12)
BZC Mansion

What this means is, you will be able to buy and own land in the game! If you were lucky enough to redeem, or buy a Castle,or a Mansion,yourland will already be included in the game. The rest of us are going to have to save up our BZC tokens to be able to purchase land in the game.


The most recent accomplishment is the release of the BZCPortal. This is where our DAO, and our BZC tokens, are going to be creating value to our community. What good is it to have a cryptocurrency if you can't buy anything with it? Soon, you will be able to purchase ALL of your BZC assets in one secure, easy to use location. You will also have the option of using MATIC, or BZC tokens! If you are worried about buying a counterfeit BZC asset on Opensea, you won't have to much longer, because you will be able to buy them on the BZCPortal.

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BZC Portal


The Game:

As of right now, they have kept the game under tight lock and key for proprietary reasons. Many questions, and mystery surround it. Tidbits of information have been trickling out, and we have found ourselves salivating for every morsel of information we can get from the developer during the AMA's.

What we have learned is the undoxxed game developer used to work for World of Warcraft as a lead animator. He has been working on this project on his own time for the past 5 years.

In order to find out the latest developments on the upcoming game. Go to the BZC Portal link. Down below, is the latest up to date information about the game so far.


The heart of the game and the first thing you’ll need is $BZC. $BZC is the currency that all the zombies in this world understand and will accept. So earning those precious tokens will lead to power and/or success––no matter your goals.

Use your $BZC for good or evil. Your choice. We won’t judge.

How Do I Get My Hands On $BZC?

Many of the current zombie owners already have $BZC, and you can also buy it on the BZC Charity Swap, or find it on decentralized exchanges. But who is satisfied with what they have? Since this is an ever-expanding world, the best way to earn more $BZC is to send (stake) your Zombies on Expeditions and explore the treasures of the Old World.

But like all adventures, there are risks.

What Are Expeditions?

Expeditions are adventures that your Zombies can go on to discover valuable Artifacts. But, like all things in life, Expeditions have a cost. This is where the $BZC comes in. Expeditions are funded by the day, whether it’s a single-day jaunt or a 10 day epic adventure. It’s all your choice.

All you need to do is select your zombie and choose how many days you’d like them to explore this brave new world.

Before We Go Any Further, Let’s Talk About The Game

That’s a very good question. It is also hard to point to a game that it’s similar to, but here are the basics:

  • The game is about exploration and re-discovering items of value in this new world.
  • The game will be rolled out in Chapters over time as we expand the world.
  • The world is pre-rendered in a 3D isometric view.
  • The First Chapter leads to the Zombies establishing their place in an emerging Metaverse.

I Funded An Expedition, What Happens Next?

Great! You’re on your way. No matter the number of days you’ve funded, you will receive results the following day, and every day after that for however many days you’ve funded.

The Expedition Log is where you’ll track your Zombies as they work their way through their adventures. Along the way, your Zombies will acquire Artifacts.

What Are Artifacts?

Artifacts are remnants of the Old World before the Great Thaw. Items from the past might have held little worth, but now they’ve become valuable.

For the initial release, Artifacts can be held or sold after you successfully complete an Expedition. Each Artifact has its own market value, and when you return from your Expedition, you can sell those items for $BZC in the upcoming Marketplace.

In the upcoming Chapters, Artifacts may gain additional game utility through activities like crafting.

Dangers Might Befall Your Expedition

We call this an Encounter. This new world has amazing things to reveal, and you very well might encounter creatures, events, or other players that could destroy or take your Artifacts or that you can acquire Artifacts from.

How Can I Better My Odds Of Winning An Encounter?

You can group some of your Zombies into one Expedition Party and this will increase your odds of success for Encounters and finding Artifacts.

Is There An Advantage To Owning A Skeleton King?

Yes! The Skeleton King is the most influential member of your collection. The Skeleton Kings are natural leaders and having one in your Expedition Party will make each Zombie stronger.

What About the Rest of the Metaverse Collection?

Don’t worry, the rest of the collection will be addressed as we head into the release of the game. We have a plan, and there’s plenty of room to leverage all the assets you already have, as well as new ones we’re going to deliver.


BZC Media


As of the date of this post, the floor is reasonably priced to get in on this project.

My personal opinion is to acquire a Zombie first. From there, if you are interested in having a little more brains in the game, acquire a Skeleton King. Still though, do your own research. This is not financial advice.

If you got a little extra dough burning a hole in your pocket I figured I might as well give a quick plug to the BZC Merch Shop! Here's my pitch to buy a T-shirt! How cool would it be to wake up a zombie after the Great Thawing sporting a BZC T-shirt? (I'm trying folks!) Anyways, here is theBZC Merchlink!

If anyone in the BZC Fam find any incorrect information here, please let me know, and I will update post.

Information gleaned from Billionaire Zombies Club is from personal research. Opinions are mine.


An Overview of the Billionaire Zombies Club (14)

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