20 Popular Cowboy Mustache Styles & Ideas (Full Guide) (2023)

20 Popular Cowboy Mustache Styles & Ideas (Full Guide) (1)

Are you looking for an interesting and amusing way to style your mustache?

Are you tired of that plain old look that you’ve been rocking for years?

Have you ever tried rocking a cowboy mustache?

The idea may sound crazy at first but bare with us for a second.

Cowboy mustache styles have become very popular and some of them are much more captivating than you think.

Merely upon looking at a few of them you will be able to see and understand how good they might be.

If the idea of creating a cowboy mustache by yourself has crept into your head, we propose reading our article and viewing the best styles that we highlighted for you.

You might easily come across a mustache style that you’re going to love.

We’ve also included steps on how to style and trim these types of mustaches.

You will be screaming Yippee Ki-Yay in no time.

Table Of Contents

  • What Is a Cowboy Mustache
  • Types
  • Benefits Of Growing One
  • How Does It Work
  • Pros and Cons
  • How to Grow the Cowboy Mustache
  • How to Trim Cowboy Mustache
  • How to Maintain Cowboy Mustache
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Quick Tips
  • FAQ

What Is a Cowboy Mustache

Howdy, pardner. (spits tobacco on the ground). Y’all folks got any…

Ok, enough stereotypes. Cowboy mustache used to be a pride and joy of truck-driving, gun-loving, god-worshipping rednecks. But not anymore. Nowadays, you can find this magnificent mustache almost everywhere. It is a long, messy mustache that usually follows your lip line and falls to your chin. It’s an omen of testosterone, and it’s slowly becoming a trend. Again.



The usual pride and joy on Old West cowboy faces. It was Buffalo Bill that made this mustache legendary. You will need the world’s best mustache wax to keep those tips sharp and gravity-defying.

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It is a thick caterpillar that covers your upper lip entirely, popularized by general Custer. However, he might not be the best role model. Benefit: walrus mustache doesn’t require often trimming—just some beard butter and balm.

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This French mustache style is still popular today. A thin, pencil-shaped mustache that follows your upper lip must be perfect. And have a great face/jawline, too. Like Clark Gable.

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Chevron mustache makes 90% of Tom Selleck. Thick, rich, and drips testosterone from the top. This mustache requires no fancy maintenance when in prime—just some old-fashioned scissors.

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The classic. Perfectly fit for thin men with triangular faces. That sounds like the description of Sam Elliot. Well, he probably has the best cowboy mustache on the scene.

20 Popular Cowboy Mustache Styles & Ideas (Full Guide) (6)

Photo: s_bukley/shutterstock.com

Fu Manchu

Although technically a cowboy mustache, it is usually found on far East faces. Fictional, of course, because this mustache was used to depict the fictional Chinese villain, called (surprisingly) Fu Manchu. It goes from lip corners and continues in thin tendrils that should hang from your chin. Almost impossible to grow.

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English type has a thick center but very sharp tips for visual contrast. Perfect for men with longer faces. The most famous wearer was Walt Disney. To make your English mustache firm as your political views, check out our homemade recipe for mustache wax.

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Not a mustache, but a form of art. You need to grow a long, thick mustache and then use an unholy amount of wax to direct those mustaches straight to the sky. We know nobody, except Salvador Dali, who would want to do that. However, they fit him perfectly.

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Imagine thick, hairy caterpillar…then imagine its dad. Now you have that picture stuck in your head. A Hungarian mustache will take most of your face, but the rest must be perfectly shaved. It requires a lot of beer and game meat to maintain it. Instant alpha.

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American Standard

Cowboys entered the 21 century. American standard mustache is thick, neatly trimmed, and often combined with a three-day beard. Oh, the blasphemy. However, if you are a porn star, Texas cop, or a plumber, you are required to have one. Union rules and regulations.

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20 Popular Cowboy Mustache Styles & Ideas (Full Guide) (13)

20 Popular Cowboy Mustache Styles & Ideas (Full Guide) (14)

20 Popular Cowboy Mustache Styles & Ideas (Full Guide) (15)

20 Popular Cowboy Mustache Styles & Ideas (Full Guide) (16)

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Benefits Of Growing One

Some claim cowboy mustache is outdated. However, the history of mustaches goes from 300 BC, and trends come and go. For instance, the Italian mustache style stood the test of time.

Mustaches were once considered a ranking perk, especially in the army. Youngsters and lower ranks were allowed to wear only a beginner’s mustache. After enough experience and/or ranks, you could grow a full beard or thicker mustache.

Every mustache, the cowboy one included, marks a milestone in your life. It means you are mature, mentally and physically, and a full-grown man.

How Does It Work

Funny, but John Wayne or Clint Eastwood never wore it. But Wyatt Earp, Sundance Kid, Sean Connery, and Frank Zappa did, among others. Cowboy mustache is not everyday’s look, to be honest. However, the guys wearing them usually don’t give a damn what anyone has to say about their looks.

Cowboy mustache is often used in sitcoms, comedies or parodies to depict people from the southern part of the US. And not in a flattery way.

Pros and Cons


  • +3 on all stats: horse taming, fire weapon managing, and tobacco chewing.
  • It shows confidence, maturity, and manliness.
  • Can hide minor face imperfections.
  • You can maintain it at home, using essential products for beard grooming.
  • It is a monument to your patience, effort, and willingness to look the way you want.


  • Sometimes it looks…awful—especially paired with sideburns.
  • Cowboy mustaches are not for everyone. You need to have a specific face shape or personality behind them.

How to Grow the Cowboy Mustache

Step 1 – Grow a full beard first

The easiest way to grow the cowboy mustache is to grow a full beard first.

Step 2 – It’s time to trim

After growing a respectful beard, it’s trimming time. Shave every single hair on your face, except the mustache.

Step 3 – Wash yourself

Rinse your face and admire your new look.

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Step 4 – Comb down your new mustache

Cut any long hairs that stick out.Keep the hairs under your nose shorter, and use pomade to shape the longer ones.

How to Trim Cowboy Mustache

Step 1 – Prepare your mustache for trim

Before any trimming, make sure your mustache is clean and dry.

Step 2 – Start trimming

If you are starting your cowboy journey, leave the electric trimmer to pros. Use scissors and a premium mustache comb.

Step 3 – Use your favorite comb

Comb your mustache, thus removing any dust or knots.

Step 4 – Trimming should always start from your nose

And slowly move to the tips.Trim your mustache one small step at a time. This way, you won’t accidentally cut half of your mustache.

How to Maintain Cowboy Mustache

Step 1 – Development is the key

In the first two weeks, decide on the mustache shape, and trim your way in it. While your mustache grows, trim it often to get the desired shape and smoothness.

Step 2 – Shape your mustache

Fu Manchu can’t be thick, and Chevron cannot be thin. Cleanse, hydrate and clean.

Step 3 – Watch what you eat

You won’t get a healthy-looking mustache if you eat (and drink) garbage.

Do’s and Don’ts

20 Popular Cowboy Mustache Styles & Ideas (Full Guide) (23)


  • At least once in your life, grow a perfect mustache no matter the style.
  • Use scissors and comb as often as you can. A messy mustache is not that attractive.
  • Go to your barber and listen to his advice. Not every type of cowboy mustache will be fit for your face shape.
  • Try a Pancho Villa mustache – controversial Mexican mustache for a brave man. Viva la revolución!
  • Fruits, veggies, and water. You won’t grow a proper mustache eating junk food.


  • Don’t try Dali or Fu Manchu, except for Haloween, or if you are planning to become a comic villain.
  • Never worry about what other people might think or say about your mustache. Well, except if it’s your spouse or your boss. Then, reconsider a bit.

Quick Tips

  • Beard wax is your friend. No cowboy mustache can survive without it.
  • Have a beard growth kit at home. It’s essential for man care, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.
  • Patience is key. Like Rome, no mustache is built overnight.
  • A healthy body equals healthy facial hair. So, eat, sleep and exercise well.
  • Visit a professional barber if you are having trouble maintaining your mustache.
  • Shave the damn thing if you decide you don’t like it.


What is a cowboy mustache called?

The usual form of cowboy mustache is called the horseshoe due to its shape accurately depicting a horseshoe.

How long does it take to grow a cowboy mustache?

It will take at least three months to develop a starter cowboy mustache. For more glorious shapes, you will need even more time.

Do girls like cowboy mustaches?

Ask Sean Connery. But that’s not an acceptable answer. Some girls like ‘em, others don’t. It is usually about men wearing them, not the other way around.

Did cowboys have facial hair?

Yes, but usually not for aesthetic reasons. Nature of their job meant a lot of time camping under a clear sky, hurdling cattle, and shooting bandits. No time or tools for shaving then.

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