10 Best Yorkshire Terrier Breeders (2022): Our Top 10 Picks! (2022)

10 Best Yorkshire Terrier Breeders (2022): Our Top 10 Picks! (1)

Yorkshire Terriers rank in the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the US and if you want one of your own, finding a Yorkshire Terrier breeder won’t be so hard to do.

The popularity of this breed means there are a lot of breeders who offer Yorkie puppies for sale in or near your area.

A word of caution, though. If you want to bring home a healthy and happy Yorkie that will live a long life by your side, then it’s important to get one from a reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeder.

To help you get started in your search, here’s a complete guide to help you find the right breeder that has the perfect Yorkie for you to take home.

It has become a norm to see dog breeders marketing their available litter thru websites, social media pages, and ads. If you are looking for Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale online and are not sure how to identify a puppy scam from a legitimate breeder, read our ultimate puppy buying guide. It offers useful tips on how to safely transact via the internet and to identify scam red flags.

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10 Places to Find Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for Sale

As mentioned, Yorkshire Terrier breeders won’t be so hard to find because of the immense popularity of the breed.

However, you should be wary of backyard breeders or puppy mills since you may not get any assurances on their breeding practices or the health of the pup.

Getting from a reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeder is the best way to go, so here are some recommendations that you can contact:

1. Artistry Yorkies – Michigan

If you’re looking for a show dog or a companion Yorkie with show dog qualities, then Artistry Yorkies is worth looking into. They’ve been breeding Yorkshire Terriers that have competed in AKC events and have produced champion breeds throughout the years.

They’re home to a lot of Yorkies that have won or finished at the top of the Best in Show and other categories in the AKC Championships.

As a breeder of show dogs, they have high standards for the Yorkies they breed and keep for competitions. They make sure they’re fit, healthy, and have good temperaments.

This is a point of pride for Artistry Yorkies and they strive for the same standards even for their pups that need to be rehomed.

Now given that they breed show dogs and have higher standards than your regular breeders, expect the price of the Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale to be higher. That much they acknowledge on their website.

However, they do go on to say that you’ll be getting the best Yorkie that your money can buy.

Artistry Yorkies Breeder Information and Details:

2. Empyrean Yorkies – Indiana

Owned and operated by Dawn and Justin Drake, Empyrean Yorkies has been around since 1996 and has bred AKC champions as well as adorable Yorkies for pet parents to take home.

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They were also recognized as one of the top breeders in 2017 and received an Ethical Yorkshire Terrier Breeder award from TrainPetDog.com.

They continue to hold high breeding standards so you can be assured that you’ll get a Yorkie with great show attributes and wonderful personalities.

However, if you want to purchase from them, it’s a registration-only process with limited puppies available. This process ensures that you’re getting a beautiful pet even if you won’t be joining any show dog competitions.

All their Yorkie puppies for sale are registered in the AKC and already dewormed twice. They also have a 1-year guarantee against sickness and diseases.

Another unique thing about this Yorkshire Terrier breeder is that they have spay and neuter contracts as they don’t allow puppies from their kennel to be used for breeding.

This means that when you purchase a puppy from them, you’re obligated by contract to spay or neuter it before the agreed age. It also requires their approval if you decide to rehome or sell your puppy.

Aside from selling champion breed Yorkies, they also sell retired and rescue dogs. These are the Yorkies who are no longer joining dog show competitions and those who were neglected by their owners, respectively.

Empyrean Yorkies Breeder Information and Details:

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3. TopKnot Yorkie – Washington

Allison Fowler, the owner of TopKnot Yorkie, is a breeder from Washington who has dedicated the last 15 years of her life breeding Yorkies.

She came from a family of dog lovers and was surrounded by dogs ever since she was a child. Growing up, she was taught by her parents how to raise and properly care for dogs.

Her love affair with Yorkies started with a tragedy when her Yorkie, which was a gift from her husband, was attacked and killed by coyotes. The sadness they felt triggered her passion for raising and breeding these adorable dogs.

As a kennel, the goal of TopKnot Yorkie is to breed pups that are healthy and behaved, whether as show dogs or family companions.

The kennel is home to several show dog champions and like other Yorkshire Terrier breeders with champions on their roster, TopKnot strives to meet the highest standards set for the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

Allison also wants to ensure that all of her Yorkies find forever homes with loving parents. She sells her Yorkies for a low price because she isn’t after profit. Instead, she wants more people to be able to afford her Yorkies and shower them with love the way she does.

TopKnot Yorkies Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: TopKnot Yorkies
  • Phone: 253-939-4992
  • Email: allyorkie@comcast.net
  • Special Note: You can also find them on Facebook.

4. Dynamo Yorkshire Terriers – Virginia

Dynamo has 30 years’ worth of experience in breeding Yorkshire Terriers. Located in the Hampton Roads area, they spent their first few years breeding and then started joining show dog competitions soon afterward.

Like the previous Yorkie breeders on this list, Dynamo also has its share of champions in its kennel.

This Yorkshire Terrier breeder is a member of several kennel clubs like the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America and Yorkshire Terrier’s Club of the Nation’s Capital and is recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

As a Yorkie lover, it’s their goal to spread the Yorkie love to anyone interested in this adorable breed.

Dynamo has Yorkie puppies for sale but also has dams and sires available for breeding. However, if you’re looking for a pup to take home, they only have puppies available a few times a year.

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Serious pet parents are advised to contact them immediately regarding availability and make reservations. They also have a few adult Yorkies that are looking for new homes and loving pet parents which you can adopt.

Dynamo Yorkshire Terriers Breeder Information and Details:

5. Trinity Yorkies – Illinois

A relatively new breeder, Trinity Yorkies started breeding and joining dog show competitions in 2003.

By 2005, the kennel was able to win its first championship through a dog named Justice and they currently have a total of four Yorkies that have finished competing.

The Yorkshire Terrier breeder prides itself in the prestigious bloodline of their dogs, both inside and outside of competition. All the puppies in their kennel are properly socialized through meeting different people, both adults and children.

Many of their Yorkies have found loving owners and lead happy and healthy lives. Their dogs that have been rehomed after retiring from competition continue to display compassionate behavior even in a new environment.

Being a younger kennel than the others on this list, Trinity Yorkies strives to learn more about breeding techniques to continue to produce happy and healthy pups.

Getting a Yorkie from them requires a reservation since they run out of Yorkie pups fast. Be sure to contact them immediately if they are near your neighborhood.

Trinity Yorkies Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: Trinity Yorkies
  • Address: 3400 Trinity Lane, Sumner, IL 62466
  • Phone: 618-947-2712

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6. Sunset Acres Kennels – Missouri

Sunset Acres Kennels is one of the leading kennels in the state of Missouri. Along with Yorkies, they specialize in breeding Lhasa Apso and Poodles.

Every Yorkie in Sunset Acres is bred according to their strict breeding program to ensure healthy and happy puppies. Elaine, the kennel’s primary breeder, has spent many years perfecting her practices, thus, producing dogs that are worthy of being champions.

Their puppies are socialized right from the beginning for good behavior and adaptability to different environments and situations.

Aside from their breeding standards and practices, they also offer a 1-year guarantee for any genetic issues to give assurance to their buyers.

Each pup available for purchase from Sunset Acres has complete papers for their easy identification.

Sunset Acres Kennels Breeder Information and Details:

7. Hunter’s Creek Kennel – North Carolina

If you live in North Carolina, Hunter’s Creek is one of the Yorkshire Terrier breeders you can visit in the Roxboro area. This breeder has decades of experience but started with breeding Cocker Spaniels.

In the year 2012, someone left a sick Yorkie at their doorstep, knowing that as a breeder, they’d surely care for the sick dog. They took care of the Yorkie until she passed, and since then, they decided to dedicate all their efforts to breeding Yorkies.

When breeding, they aim to meet the AKC standards and they put a premium on health by having their sires and dams undergo blood tests to check for any genetic or hereditary conditions. They also practice selective breeding to produce high-quality puppies.

While in their care, they raise pups and focus on socialization by putting them in a happy environment where they can socialize with other people, dogs, and animals.

They also potty train them, indoors and outdoors, which is a practice that’s very much appreciated by their clients. Hunter’s Creek currently sells each Yorkie puppy at $1,500. Because litters are limited, it’s best to inquire about the availability of their pups.

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Hunter’s Creek Kennel Breeder Information and Details:

8. Small World Puppies – Florida

Karen Dennehy, the owner of Small World Puppies, moved around a lot as a military brat. But she always had a dog with her to accompany her wherever she went.

This is where her love for dogs started. After vet school, she started breeding Yorkies along with German Shepherds and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

She’s a USDA-APHIS (US Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) licensed breeder, so you can be assured her breeding standards are up there with the best.

Aside from having top standard breeding practices, Small World has a couple of unique offerings: financing options and live puppy cam.

Their financing option is in partnership with a third-party financial institution and it allows you to purchase your pup and all the supplies you need without breaking the bank.

As for live puppy cam, you can watch live births and the development of your puppies 24/7. This is an exciting way for pet parents to monitor their future babies’ growth and be part of their lives early on.

Small World Puppies Breeder Information and Details:

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9. Jeff’s Yorkies and Boutique – Pennsylvania

This Yorkshire Terrier breeder has been in the business for 15 years and specializes in producing 27 different color options for your next Yorkie puppy. These colors range from chocolate, biro, parti, biewer, gold dust, merles, and up to the traditional Yorkie colors.

Aside from offering Yorkies of several colors, they also have miniature or teacup Yorkies available. This is a rarer variety of the breed which requires extra care and attention from any owner.

If you’re wondering how they’re able to produce lots of color varieties and the teacup size, it’s all through studying the genetics and bloodline of their Yorkies.

Out of all the dogs in their kennel, 95% came from champion bloodlines which can be traced back to nine generations. In terms of their breeding programs, one of their priorities is puppy socialization.

To ensure good behavior and temperament, puppies are socialized by playing with children, adults, other animals and by letting them listen to music. They promise that you’ll get to take home a happy, trained, and well-adjusted puppy every time.

Jeff’s Yorkies and Boutique Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: Jeff’s Yorkies and Boutique
  • Address: 8039 Fayette Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19150
  • Phone: 786-663-2371
  • Email: jeffsyorkies876@gmail.com
  • Special Note: You can also find them on Facebook.

10. Kingsley Yorkies – New York

Kingsley Yorkies, owned by Susan Kanter, has been breeding Yorkies since 1980. Her love for Yorkies began with heartbreak when her first Yorkie passed away due to severe health problems when she was only three years old.

The Yorkshire Terrier breeder began her mission to breed Yorkies in a small New York City home with a garden just big enough for the dogs to run and play.

But this proved to be too small for their growing family, and they soon moved to different locations, finally settling in Farmingville.

Kingsley normally has 7 to 10 litters per year but limits it to one per female to make sure they remain healthy. Puppies are sired by champions and they all come with a health guarantee against sickness and disease.

She raises her pups in their home and is treated like family, giving them the love, training, and socialization needed to be a well-behaved and happy Yorkie.

Kingsley Yorkies Breeder Information and Details:

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  • Website: Kingsley Yorkies
  • Address: 218 Granny Road, Farmingville, NY 11738
  • Phone: 631-698-2028
  • Email: kingsleyyorkie@aol.com

All the Yorkshire Terrier breeders included on our list passed our standards. However, if you want to verify their legitimacy, read our ultimate puppy buying guide for some proven tips on how to safely find a breeder online or how to find a puppy for sale while avoiding scams.

Puppy Buying Guide: How to Buy a Puppy Online Safely

Other Sources for Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

10 Best Yorkshire Terrier Breeders (2022): Our Top 10 Picks! (2)

Almost all of the Yorkshire Terrier breeders above have a limited number of puppies available or only breed a couple of times a year.

This can make it challenging for you to get a Yorkie if you’re really hoping to get one immediately. Luckily, there are some other places where you can look for a pup!

Here are other sources where to help you find Yorkie puppies for sale:

  • AKC Marketplace – As one of the most respected registries in the world, you can expect to find good Yorkshire Terrier breeders here who are licensed and certified by the AKC. There are hundreds of Yorkie breeders listed on the site, so you won’t run out of options anytime soon.
  • The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America (YTCA) Breeder Directory – This premier Yorkie club has been around since 1951 and aims to preserve and protect the breed. As such, you’ll find referrals to responsible Yorkshire Terrier breeders on this site. Although not as extensive as the AKC Marketplace, their list contains breeders who uphold and follow breeding practices set by the YTCA.
  • PuppyFinder – This puppy search engine lets you find puppies for sale or adoption worldwide. You can search by state, city, and breed. But as a public directory, not all Yorkie breeders or sellers here are verified, especially private ones. It’s best to do more research once you’ve narrowed down your options.
  • Pets4You – This online directory helps you find puppies and breeders near your area and provides tips and guides on choosing the right breeder. To make it easier to find a Yorkie puppy from them, trusted breeders are always put on top of the search results.

How Much Does a Yorkshire Terrier Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

Depending on the breeder, expect puppy prices to vary when you make your inquiries. Many factors affect Yorkie puppy pricing like breeder reputation, bloodline or lineage, color, size, and inclusions like training, health certificates, or guarantees.

Getting a Yorkie from a licensed breeder will cost you anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500. Should you choose to get from a backyard breeder, the cost will be significantly lower, usually from $300 to $800.

You’ll be able to identify backyard breeders from this price difference. Adopting is another option and is a lot more affordable, normally costing $500 and below.

If you’re interested in teacup Yorkies, be prepared to spend a whole lot more. The going rate for these micro versions is $2,500 to $5,000!

And also, remember that these prices are only for purchasing your puppy. Before getting any kind of dog, you should consider other ownership costs in your budget. These are all essential if you want to have a happy and healthy companion.

Here’s a summary of the items you need to prepare before bringing your new Yorkshire Terrier home:

Type of ExpenseAverage Cost
High-Quality Dog Food$50
Leash and Collar$20
Chew Toys$23
Food and Water Bowls$11
Dog Bed$44
Dog Crate$40
Dog Brush and Shampoo$25
Training Treats$25
Cleaning Essentials$45
Total Initial Cost$283

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and first-time pet owners should consider these costs before deciding to bring home a Yorkshire Terrier.

A big population of dogs in rescue facilities is those that are actually brought by their owner because they can no longer fund their needs. Surely, you don’t want your pet to be part of these statistics.

How to Find Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for Sale in Your Area?

Yorkshire Terriers are a very popular breed and consistently ranks among the top 10 in AKC’s list. This makes it relatively easy to find a Yorkie breeder in your area.

If you don’t know where to start, here are a few tips to make your search easier:

  • Join social media groups of communities dedicated to Yorkies. It’s easy to find anything on social media, and that includes a bunch of communities and pages dedicated to the breed. The people in these groups will be more than happy to help you find the right Yorkie for you and spread the love for this adorable breed.
  • Ask your vet or friends with Yorkies. If you have friends with Yorkies, they can easily refer you to their breeder. You can also ask your local vet who might have associations with breeders as well.
  • Attend pet fairs. From time to time, breeders stage pet fairs to showcase their pups. They usually set this up in open spaces like parks and gymnasiums. Keep track of these events by checking out breeder postings near your area or by asking veterinarians since they are often informed about these fairs.
  • Visit local shelters or rescues. If you’re short on cash and have no intentions of joining dog shows, shelters and rescue centers are a good place to start. There might be a Yorkie looking for a new furever home and is just waiting for you to find it!

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Final Thoughts

This article provides reputable Yorkie breeders who give importance to the proper way of breeding healthy and happy Yorkies.

If you choose to go with other breeders that are not on this list, be sure to ask lots of questions and follow the tips you can get from other owners or Yorkie social media communities.

In addition, before you take that final step of bringing home a new puppy, be sure you’re 100% prepared. Taking care of a Yorkie is a big responsibility and you need to provide love, training, attention, food, shelter, and care.

Once you’re all set, go find that responsible breeder and enjoy the companionship of one of the most popular dogs in town.

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Who is the most famous Yorkie? ›

1943 – 21 February 1957), a Yorkshire Terrier, was a famous war dog who served in World War II. She weighed only 4 pounds (1.8 kg) and stood 7 inches (180 mm) tall.
Smoky (dog)
Smoky in a helmet
Other name(s)Yorkie Doodle Dandy
Known forWar dog First therapy dog
OwnerWilliam A. Wynne
Weight4 lb (1.8 kg)
8 more rows

What color Yorkie is most popular? ›

The white fur is often the predominant color, although you also get chocolate and blonde Parti Yorkies. While some believe that these dogs are the result of cross-breeding with other pups, such as the Maltese, they can come about due to a recessive gene.

What 2 breeds make a Yorkshire Terrier? ›

The specific breeds that make up the Yorkie are not known. It is believed that the Skye Terrier, Maltese, black and tan Manchester Terrier, now-extinct Leeds Terrier, and possibly the Dandie Dinmont Terrier were the main forebears.

Which Yorkie is better male or female? ›

Male and female Yorkshire Terriers are equally amazing, but each gender has a bit more of certain traits than the other. Female Yorkies are easier to train, more independent, and affectionate while a male Yorkshire Terrier is more playful, social, and equally affectionate.

What is the rarest Yorkie? ›

The rarest types are pure gold or blond Yorkies, making up less than 1% of the whole population of these cute little dogs. Yorkshire Terriers come into the world with a simple black and tan coat, but the coloration changes as they develop.

What do Yorkies love the most? ›

3 Things Your Yorkie Loves More Than Anything
  • #1 – Snuggling. Yorkshire Terriers are definitely snuggle buddies! ...
  • #2 – You! Though small, Yorkies have large hearts and they bond closely with their people. ...
  • #3 – Play. When your Yorkie is not snuggling with you, they love to play!

Where do Yorkies like to be pet the most? ›

Yorkies generally enjoy being petted under the chin, neck, and chest. If you pet your Yorkie in these regions, you will be able to calm them down quickly and help them to relax.

What color are full blooded Yorkies? ›

All standard, purebred Yorkie puppies are born with black and tan coats, although some might describe the colors and black and brown.

Are Yorkies jealous dogs? ›

The Yorkie personality is active, curious, protective, and they also love attention. Some Yorkies have a very arrogant attitude and can be overly jealous and protective of their owners.

How can you tell if a Yorkie is purebred? ›

The most prominent recognition of a purebred Yorkie is the color. They are born with a natural black and tan, but as the puppy starts to age, the hair's black color begins to turn blue, which is completely normal. It happens due to genetic function, and there is nothing to be worried about.

Are Yorkshire Terriers one person dogs? ›

Are Yorkshire Terriers a 'one-person dog'? The quick answer is no, not usually, but there are always exceptions. Yorkshire Terriers are a very adaptable breed that will be happy in a wide range of households: single owners, small families and large families.

How many years do Yorkies live? ›

Are Yorkies better in pairs? ›

Being consistent with them will lead you to enjoy their big personality, which will shine through even stronger when they are not the only dog in your family. Yorkies do better in pairs – you get twice the amount of cuteness, love, positivity, and energy!

Do male Yorkies bark a lot? ›

Do Yorkies bark a lot? Yes, the Yorkie breed is quite vocal. They have a lot to say and will bark at everything from an unfamiliar noise to when they want to play. Incorporating training measures early on in your Yorkie's life will help stifle a bad barking habit before it becomes fully engrained.

Where does a Yorkie rank in intelligence? ›

Canine Intelligence – Where Does the Yorkshire Terrier Stand? Out of 90 different breeds, the Yorkie places at # 27, in the category of above average intelligence, tying with Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the Puli. This means that the Yorkie, overall, will learn a new command after 15 to 25 repetitions.

Which Yorkie is more expensive? ›

Gender. Typically, female Yorkie puppies cost more than male puppies, around $300 to $500 more. The higher cost is due to females being more desirable, often for the intent of breeding.

How much is a purebred Yorkie worth? ›

What is this? Typical Yorkie prices range from $800 to $1,500. Most pups in this price range are already kennel club registered. However, prices vary from $1,500 to $10,000 if the purebred Yorkshire Terrier pup came from superior bloodlines or American Kennel Club champions.

What is the oldest Yorkie ever? ›

The Oldest Yorkshire Terrier Ever

The oldest Yokshire Terrier was a female named Bonny, who reportedly lived to 28 years of age!

Why do Yorkies stare at you? ›

Just as humans stare into the eyes of someone they adore, dogs will stare at their owners to express affection. In fact, mutual staring between humans and dogs releases oxytocin, known as the love hormone. This chemical plays an important role in bonding and boosts feelings of love and trust.

Do Yorkies like to sleep with you? ›

When owners have puppies, they often love the idea of snuggling up to their dog at night. However, a dog is a creature of habit. It does not take long for a Yorkie to learn that their human's bed is the most comfortable area to sleep and they also feel safe when sleeping next to their owner.

What is a Yorkshire terriers favorite food? ›

Fresh chicken and chicken meal are the first two ingredients in this protein-rich dry food that ranks among the best food for Yorkies. It's loaded with healthy nutrients from natural sources and specially formulated for small breed adults like your Yorkshire Terrier.

What does it mean when a dog licks you? ›

Licking is a natural and instinctive behaviour to dogs. For them it's a way of grooming, bonding, and expressing themselves. Your dog may lick you to say they love you, to get your attention, to help soothe themselves if they're stressed, to show empathy or because you taste good to them!

Do Yorkies know when you kiss them? ›

When you kiss your dog, you may notice signs that indicate they know that the kiss is a gesture of affection. As puppies, this is not something that dogs would recognize, although they would feel you doing it. However, as they get older they associate the kisses and cuddles with you being happy with them.

Why do Yorkies like their bellies rubbed? ›

Dogs love belly rubs simply because they feel good. It also sets off a specific reaction in their brain that responds to the stimulation of hair follicles. Experts believe that dogs love petting, and belly rubs in particular, because the stroking of hair is linked to social grooming.

What is a teddy bear Yorkie? ›

It's an informal descriptive nickname given to the Yorkie breeds because of their teddy bear look-alike appearance and their signature “puppy cut” hairstyles. Some breeders generally refer to Teddy Bear Yorkies as Yorkies that are lighter than the standard weight of 7 lbs.

What should I look for when buying a Yorkie? ›

To find the right Yorkie, you need to make sure the puppy is healthy and evaluate how they act when not surrounded by their siblings. Inspect the puppy's fur, eyes, rear end and ears. A healthy Yorkshire Terrier puppy will have clear eyes, a clear nose, a shiny coat, and clean ears.

How do you tell what color a Yorkie puppy will be? ›

With most Yorkie puppies, there will be a fair amount of both black and tan and both colors will be very evident. At What Age Does a Yorkie Change Colors? This does vary from dog to dog, however in general a Yorkie's hair will begin its color change at the approximate age of 6 months.

What are Yorkies scared of? ›

7 Yorkshire Terrier Fear Triggers !! What Are Yorkie Or ... - YouTube

Do Yorkies get mad at their owners? ›

Despite their loving nature, Yorkies can also become mad as dogs are capable of many emotions. As a dog owner, you should notice changes in behavior and determine how to find out if a Yorkshire terrier is mad.

Do Yorkies know you love her? ›

Does my dog know how much I love him? Yes, your dog knows how much you love him! Dogs and humans have a very special relationship, where dogs have hijacked the human oxytocin bonding pathway normally reserved for our babies.

How old should a Yorkie be for its first grooming? ›

By 16 to 20 weeks, your puppy should be ready for their first grooming appointment to get a bath, have their nails trimmed, and get a small hair trim as well, assuming they're completely vaccinated. At this age, make sure it's a short appointment, for an hour or less.

Why don't my Yorkies ears stand up? ›

They do not have the proper muscle strength at the base of the ear in order to hold them erect. These muscles will grow and become stronger with time (in most cases). Usually between the age of 3 months to 6 months, the ears will gradually raise up and the stand on their own.

What is a mismarked Yorkie? ›

Mismarked Yorkies are generally any dogs in the breed whose coat colors do not conform to the American Kennel Club standard for Yorkies.

Which is easier male or female Yorkie? ›

Male Yorkies are more open to kids, but they are harder to train regarding how to behave around kids and may be more aggressive if they feel threatened. Female Yorkies are easier to train, but they tend to latch on to one person and may take a lot longer to warm up to kids.

Do Yorkies like to be left alone? ›

Yorkshire Terriers, like all dogs, require love and attention. They are social creatures just like humans and do not appreciate being left alone for extended periods. They can easily get depressed and nervous and develop separation anxiety. This can be challenging for owners with long working hours.

Why do Yorkies follow you everywhere? ›

If your dog follows you everywhere then it's most likely a sign that they love and adore you. When dogs interact with someone they like, the hormone oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is often referred to as the 'love hormone' and makes you feel that warm glow when you're around someone you like.

What is the most common cause of death in Yorkies? ›

Heart failure is a leading cause of death among Yorkshire Terriers in their golden years. Most heart disease in dogs is caused by the weakening or slow deformity of heart valves such that they no longer close tightly; blood then leaks back around these weakened valves, straining the heart.

How often should you walk a Yorkshire Terrier? ›

A Yorkshire Terrier should be taken for a walk at least 1 time per day. Taking two walks per day is best; with one in the morning and one in the early evening. It does not matter at what time during the day an owner chooses to do this, however it is best if the walks are taken at the same time each day.

Why is my 14 year old Yorkie sleep so much? ›

Dogs sleep a lot, even when they're healthy and young. How much time per day, exactly? While puppies may be down for the count for up to 20 hours per day, fully grown dogs often get as many as 12 to 14 hours of Zzz's in a 24-hour period — or about half the day.

Can 2 male Yorkies live together? ›

As explained above, two male Yorkies can get along just fine. Although there are some potential dominance issues (explained later) most of the time, the relationship will work out.

Why do Yorkies ignore you? ›

The reasons your dog may not be listening might be medical in nature, but most often, if your dog will not come to you or ignores you completely, it is because of a training or a behavioral issue. Once you feel you have ruled out potential illness, training and conditioning your dog will improve his recall ability.

Why do Yorkies cry? ›

A puppy will usually whimper and an adult Yorkie will whine. This means that the dog is in distress. They are sad, hurting or lonely. Moaning - While a human may moan if they have an injury, a dog will usually have a low tone moan when they are feeling happy.

Why do Yorkies lick so much? ›

Attention and Affection

Yorkies are highly intelligent, which is why they learn tricks at a young age. Due to this, they will often lick you to get attention or get something they want from you.

Which dog has high IQ? ›

1. Border Collie: A workaholic, this breed is the world's premier sheep herder, prized for its intelligence, extraordinary instinct, and working ability. 2. Poodle: Exceptionally smart and active.

What dog has the best IQ? ›

1. Border collie. According to The Intelligence of Dogs, which ranks 131 dog breeds in terms of their relative intelligence, the border collie is the smartest dog breed known to man.

How many words do Yorkies understand? ›

They can also understand more than 150 words and intentionally deceive other dogs and people to get treats, according to psychologist and leading canine researcher Stanley Coren, PhD, of the University of British Columbia.

Are there any famous Yorkies? ›

Singer Whitney Houston's Yorkshire Terrier named Doogie, was featured with her on the reality TV show: Being Bobby Brown. On MTV's 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave, a reality show involving now extinct marriage of model/ actress Carmen Electra and musician Dave Navarro, the couple had a Yorkie named Daisy.

What is the world's biggest Yorkie? ›

Brandy Lyn, the largest Yorkie in the world.

Where are Yorkies most popular? ›

Yorkies aren't afraid of the big city (when trained properly). Even a dog as small as a Yorkie can succeed in the Big Apple and other large urban environments. In fact, Yorkies routinely make the top of the list of NYC's most popular breeds (although they've dropped in numbers over the past few years).

How many years do Yorkies live? ›

The life expectancy of the Yorkshire Terrier is between 13 to 16 years with a median age of 14.5 years. Female Yorkshire Terriers live, on average, 1.5 years longer than males.

How many years do Yorkies last? ›

The average Yorkie life expectancy is between 12.6 and 14.5 years. However, it is not uncommon for Yorkshire Terriers to live to 17 or 18 years if cared for properly. These findings are based on two studies.

Where does a Yorkie rank in intelligence? ›

Canine Intelligence – Where Does the Yorkshire Terrier Stand? Out of 90 different breeds, the Yorkie places at # 27, in the category of above average intelligence, tying with Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the Puli. This means that the Yorkie, overall, will learn a new command after 15 to 25 repetitions.

What is the most loving dog? ›

Golden Retriever

This one comes as no surprise to most of us. Retrievers, both Golden and Labrador, are known to be one of the most loving dog breeds. They are intelligent, easy to train, and the top dog for families.

What is the most loved dog? ›

1. Overall Most Popular Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever (Lab) For the 31st year in a row, Labrador retrievers have claimed the top spot as America's most beloved breed and it's easy to see why.

What is the number 1 best dog? ›

Every year the American Kennel Club releases our ranking of the most popular dog breeds based on AKC registration statistics for the previous year. The Labrador Retriever holds the top spot, and this friendly favorite has been No. 1 since 1991.

What is a king Yorkie? ›

Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkalier, Cava-Yorkie, York-A-Lier. The King Charles Yorkie is a sophisticated gentleman who is a 50/50 mix of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Yorkshire Terrier.

What is a big Yorkie called? ›

Large breed Yorkies, popularly known as Giant Yorkies, are over 9 inches tall and weigh more than 7 pounds (if not obese). These dogs often weigh between 8 and 10 pounds (3.62 to 4.53 kilograms). Some owners have 14-pound dogs that are physically slim and in good health.

Are Yorkies very smart? ›

According to canine psychologist Stanley Coren, Yorkies are “above-average intelligent” dogs. In fact, they're ranked the 34th smartest dog breed out of 138 qualifying breeds. Even so, the Yorkie's true intelligence comes from their ability to understand human emotions and communicate effectively.

Where should your puppy sleep the first night? ›

On the first night, and for about three weeks, have the puppy sleep in a dog crate next to the bed. Line the base with blankets so that it is cosy and drape another blanket over the top to help it feel more secure. Give the puppy the stuffed toy that has its littermates' scent on it to snuggle up to.

Where do Yorkies like to be pet the most? ›

Yorkies generally enjoy being petted under the chin, neck, and chest. If you pet your Yorkie in these regions, you will be able to calm them down quickly and help them to relax.

Do Yorkies only like one person? ›

Are Yorkshire Terriers a 'one-person dog'? The quick answer is no, not usually, but there are always exceptions. Yorkshire Terriers are a very adaptable breed that will be happy in a wide range of households: single owners, small families and large families.


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